Green Man, Lord of the Forest, and his hedge fund
Portrayed by Scott Andre of Plant City, Florida (no joke!)

Going Green

As Lord of the Forest, Green Man's primary job is to bring in Spring



A Shady Character at Best




Witherbark and Cherry Blossom a.k.a. Alexie Schauerte                                    
Mouse-over photo at left for a close up view                              


Tree man "Duro" and faerie Water Lilly


Water Lilly and Cherry Blossom, Faeries









Sarah, Tester of Stength













Use a trebuchet to try to knock down a castle online at:




Douglas Canbury

Gravedigger, Accomplished Minstrel & Poet, Voiceover Talent

a.k.a. David Waterman


As a gravedigger, Canbury always "hearses" before he rehearses.  He says he never buried a body that didn't have it coming!


Waterman is a versatile character actor and voiceover talent. He performs inanimate objects, animals, insects, aliens, monsters, Super Heroes, Super Villains, and normal everyday men and women, too! His characters vary from warm, smooth, and deep, to pinched, nervous, and flighty and is talented at many English accents. His versitle delivery  is warm, smooth, smokey, gritty, sandy, and articulate. Because of his versatility, he is often hired to fill multiple roles within a single production.


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Rosa, a.k.a. Kiki H.
Server of Pyrate Potables

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James the Unbelievable
of Bunnies in Peril

Learn about the Renaissance Period