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Cloud McCleod - Ocarina Musician

McCleod is the owner of www.rareearthflutes.com, The Earthen Whistle and Cloud Productions.


McCleod hails from Austin, Texas and is a master at playing the ocarina, double ocarina & Native American Mound Flute.
Watch and hear him play 6 videos at his MySpace page.




Birds @ Play
Daiko Crimmins
Bird Whistles

Earthtone Musical Instruments
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Anthony plays the didgeridoo and the clapsticks.









Lady Kimberley, Face-Painting Artiste
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Examples of her Face Paintings


Kimberley Eve has a practiced ability into a sustainable lifestyle while still having time to have fun and travel!  Her expertise includes, but is not limited to, Face Painting, Illustration & Book Covers, Permanent Make-Up, Tatoos, Murals & CD covers.

More examples of her Face Paintings



Crystal Fantasy Costumes



Museum Replicas Jewelry

Avatar Staffs and Wands



Tim Leeson of Capricorn Arms





Aromatic Essences of Plants
Natural Fragrances: A Harmony of Botanical Blends


Cornish Mushrooms


Tea Leaf Reader


In old England on the coast of Cornwall, farmers had stonemasons carve large granite mushrooms on which they would store their sheaves of grain to keep it from hungry rats. Now carved from logs, these Cornish Mushrooms add rustic charm & whimsy to any lawn or garden.  Each is a unique piece of art, showing off the grain, colors and texture of the wood. Carved from a large array of species from soft to hardwoods, Cornish Mushrooms keeps their creed of "harming no trees." All their stock is procured from tree surgeons, mulching yards and the like to create a truly green and recycled product.




Mystical Gypsie is Bob Dilger & Gayle Balcon
Fine, hand-crafted jewelry in Renaissance, Gothic and Pagan styles.  Belt buckles, necklaces, pendants, rings, & much more.





Your source for all types of woodcarving


TikiHedz will bring a smile to  your home!


One-of-a-kind woodcarvings by artist Chris Magnotta


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Learn about the Renaissance Period