Katherine and Sara, Squires with War Horse Productions




Sara, Squire with War Horse Productions

Sara is from Gainesville / Archer, Florida and enjoys driving (horses) and riding, animal care, horse shows/expos, jousting, renaissance/medieval faires, costuming, and much more.  She works for War Horse Productions and at the Faire as a Squire and has also worked with Silk Road Camels in a similar capacity.        


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Leanne Betts and Ray Peņa of Flight of the Raptor

Flight of the Raptor is a privately run organization, dedicated to heightening awareness of birds of prey's importance in our environment. Started in 1990, by Master Falconer, Ray Peņa, Flight of the Raptor has been seen and enjoyed by thousands over the years. Driven by his own desire to understand these amazing creatures, Ray has dedicated his life to the ancient art and sport of falconry. His interest was sparked at the age of 15 when tending to his homing pigeons on his Bronx home rooftop. Ray spotted what was later identified as a peregrine falcon eagerly feeding on one of his pigeons. This triggered a life long love and respect for such amazing creatures. With the guidance of friend and mentor, Dr. Heinz Meng, and with the help of Ray's daughter, Jennifer (also a licensed falconer), Flight of the Raptor strives to share knowledge, experience, and love of birds of prey with all who are interested.

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Hera, a Harris's Hawk



Professor Paradigm (Artemus Thorne)
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Proprietor of the Cranium Emporium & Museum








The Magic Wand Wizard, a.k.a. Tom Bennett

Tom, a retired USAF Colonel from Neptune City, New Jersey, now calls Palm Harbor, Florida his home.  He enjoys Improv acting, film, musical comedy, big ship cruising from US ports, River boat cruising in Europe and collecting a fantastic set of costumes.

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Rides at B.A.R.F. are powered by brute force





Gather Ye all, 'round the Maypole

The maypole is a tall wooden pole (traditionally of maple, hawthorn or birch) erected to celebrate May Day or Midsummer. It may be decorated with several long colored ribbons suspended from the top, festooned with flowers, draped in greenery, hung with large circular wreaths, or adorned with other symbols or decorations, depending on local and regional variances. With roots in Germanic paganism, the maypole traditionally appears in most Germanic countries, and countries invaded by Germanic tribes after the fall of the Roman Empire, but most popularly in Germany, Sweden, Austria, England, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Finland in modern times for spring, May Day, Beltane, and Midsummer festivities and rites.



Peasant Dancer Heather Fox

The Peasant Dancers also sing--quite beautifully


At left, Jen Shumilak of "For Love or Money", long time BARF and Hoggetowne medieval fair musician.  Among other instruments, Jen plays the mandolin and the concertina.  Along with David Waterman (Doug Canbury, gravedigger of Fittleworth) they play an eclectic mix of folk music from the time of the Crusades to present-day pub favorites. Jen is a University of South Florida graduate and works as a special educator with the Pinellas County school system in the field of emotionally handicapped/behavior disorders with specific learning disabilities.  Jen at MySpace

Pink peasant dancer Sarah Partin




a.k.a. Glenda Horne

2008 Spirit of the Faire

Nym is the Puppet master of Fittleworth.   If she gets close enough to you, she will turn you into her puppet (a useful technique she employs when participating in combat chess.)





Friar Cole O'Sullivan
Weddings & Divorces


(Lydia Mashburn)
Village Idiot & Distraction

Hob the Troll

Hob comes from the land of Flint, the most medieval place on earth, with lots of bridges and danger.  He is 4 years old, which is 25 in people years.  Children often think that he might eat them, but he eats only eat ice cream.  His alias is Stevo Gilewicz. "I likes to sing songs that haven't been invented yet." He's a troll before his time, so it seems.

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