Sir Viktor Thorn assessing the general mood of the audience


The New Riders of the Golden Age from War Horse Farm in Sarasota, Florida, have been jousting professionally since 1982 and have appeared at Renaissance Festivals, state and county fairs and other events all over the USA and Canada.  They are the premier jousting troupe in the country. Each year they perform from coast to coast for millions of people at Renaissance Faires, state and county fairs, and special events. As performers in a show, they do follow a script, but the nature of the situation and its variables requires that they be open to improvisation. The result is a show that's fresh, alive and exciting every time.   Their show is a no-holds-barred, full contact exhibition of jousting and knightly combat.  You will truly be amazed and entertained.


The New Riders of the Golden Age are

Captain Sir Joseph Lee, Sir Viktor Thorn, Sir William Dudley, Sir Stanton Cole, Sir Douglas Payne, Sir Christian Chance, Sir Robert Bryce, Sir Allyn Grant and Sir Orin Dane


Information about The New Riders of the Golden age was provided from their website.

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A young squire delivers the lances

Her Majesty the Queen gives her blessing to the combatants


Captain Sir Joseph Lee and his lovely assistant start the event with much pomp and circumstance


A young squire takes her position


Sir William Dudley


The lance passes are real. This is the culmination of their training and the training of the horses. Their lances are made of genuine solid pine right from the lumber yard. They do not make cuts or scores on the wood to assist their breaking. So at 10 feet long with steeds at a full run, when the lances meet their target and splinter into pieces and/or one of the knights finds himself flying off the tail-end of the horse, that is when they and the audience truly find out what it means to be a knight. They do not stage "blow-outs"; they are as real as their lances.


Sir Orin Dane

Sir Viktor Thorn


The use of Belgian, Percheron, Shire, and Clydesdale horses and full suits of period-designed 16th century tilting armor differentiates the New Riders of the Golden Age from other groups and organizations presenting staged theatrical medieval jousts. The use of period equipment allows the New Riders to engage in an authentic full contact joust, and the great horses add an unmatchable sense of power and presence to the joust. Over twenty years of developing equipment, refining technique, and performing live at large outdoor venues have polished a unique presentation and confirmed repeatedly that audiences do appreciate the real thing.

Sir Viktor Thorn and Sir Orin Dane prepare to face each other in combat


Sir Thorn and Sir Dane engage in hand-to-hand combat on horseback, then on the ground.






Based in Sarasota Florida, War Horse Farm has been the training center for their knights and horses alike. Their riders are schooled in horsemanship following the discipline of western reining. Both riding and show rehearsals are held from 4 to 6 days a week. Training themselves and their horses on this steady schedule is what keeps rider and horse alike at their peak preparation, allowing them to perform consistently at the highest level.   War Horse Farm is also home to their armory and workshop, where they make and maintain all their "hard-wear". All swords, shields, horse armor, costumes and any other equipment they use are also kept and maintained there.


Sir William Dudley, a.k.a. David W Schade, closes the event with praise for the participants and the audience.





Lord Angantar and his granddaughter, Madison

 a.k.a Anthony Karlson

Ambassador & Trade Minister, Jarl of Gjermundbu, Norway/Denmark, 1555 A.D.

Keeper of the olde Norse way

Viking weapons and warefare - Gjermundbu Helmet     The Chieftain Warrior



Duie with his best friend Anthony



Lord Elessar and Lady Remy*

Ruler of the the reunited kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.

*Photo above left provided by Lord Elessar




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