Italian Masters Renaissance Pizza
The giant turkey drumstick is the signature food of B.A.R.F.
Chick'n Chips
I jest ye not


Italian Sausage Dog
Smothered with green bell peppers and tomato sauce


Chili Cheese Franco Fries





Sir Munch-a-lots


The Bakery
Coffee Ladies at the Bakery
Hey, easy on the caffeine!


The jolly staff at Pyrate's Pub
L to R: --?, Marina Ostapenko, Melissa Gigi Sarieka, Shance Youmans

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Jessica Temple

Seahorse Pub


Snow Owl
A server at the Seahorse Pub

A lovely Heterochromia iridumatic server at the Seahorse Pub

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Exavieor, a.k.a. "Fazana"


Captain of the Seahorse Pub, Exavieor takes a rare break to join in the festivities after delivering the sliced apples that are an integral part of the Bee Stings (cider & mead with an apple wedge for which the pub is famous.)  Exavieor has been attending the faire since a 6th grade trip to a reenactment sparked an interest. Doing accounts receivable during the week as an administrative assistant and operating the bar during the BARF season, she still found time to attend four faires in 2007. 


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Servers at the RoundWorld Inn, Jerod Moore-Clayton & Richelle Black


Round World Inn Queen's PubWorld Inn


The Queen's Pub staff-- Mark, Susann & Byrnam O'Tell

Queen's Pub

Matchmaker Durty Nelly chats with Bynam O'Tell
a.k.a. Roberta Patton Koutney


and a satisfied customer

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