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 "Bullshivits" Tom Trieste - Bouzouki/Doumbek  ●  "Mikial" Michael Walley - Rythm Guitar/Doumbek  ● "Denizen" Dennis Wilkinson  - Lead Guitar

Tirzah   ●  Akyaa   ●  Zona  ●  Sereena


The Demzarah Gypsies' performance is a delightful blend of authentic belly dancing, music, comedy, theatrics, elaborate set dressings, and wonderful props.  Their props are all one-of-a-kind hand constructed pieces: hand-held signs prompting the audience to say "Ooh!", "Ah!", a rustic treasure chest, miscellaneous set dressing items, and more.  Setting the stage is a sweeping tapestry of curtains and drapery, making you feel like you're watching an authentic band of Gypsies that just came to town.  They are always a rousing crowd-pleaser.

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Darlene Trieste
a.k.a. "Tirzah"
Member of the Safety Harbor 3rd Night Committee, Realtor, performer, writer, and professional belly dancer.  Darlene teaches belly dance classes in Safety Harbor and performs at local festivals and corporate parties with the Demzarah Gypsies.  She enjoys learning, spending time with her family, being creative, and helping her community. Her specialty is dancing with a live snake named Zsa Zsa GaBoa!

Victoria Boyd

a.k.a. "Zona"

Victoria is a native of Clearwater, Florida and started as a BARF cast Gypsy about 5 years ago when the MOSI site was still new. Three seasons ago she was "abducted" by the Demzarah Gypsies and has been performing with them ever since! Victoria dances with veil or fire pot.

Jennifer Trieste
a.k.a. "Serena."

Jennifer has participated in the Renaissance Festival since the age of 8.  She's a Belly Dance instructor at Miss Linda's Dance Studio in Clearwater, FL and has performed with the Demzarah Gypsies since 1999. In 2007 she performed as one of the "Kit Kat Girls" in "Eight O'Clock" Theater's production of "Cabaret".

Kimberly Connor

a.k.a. "Akyaa"

Kim has participated in the Bay Area Renaissance Festival ever since she was a child. She has performed with the cast, sang in a madrigal group and sold chain mail, jewelry & hand blown glass for various vendors. Kim  dances with the Demzarah Gypsies when she isn't traveling in Europe or India.


Serena and Akyaa engage the audience with their comedic routine.


Tom on the Bouzouki

Together, Tom and Darlene are Renaissance Real Estate in Safety Harbor. 

Zona, Sereena & Akyaa



Sereena & Akyaa

Sereena has been the Gypsies' sword dancer since 2003.  She does an amazing dance balancing a scimitar on her head.  She also dances with fire, veil, cane, and her lovely snakes. Outside of Renaissance Festivals, she performs at belly dance seminars, parties, birthdays, nursing homes, city events, Hafla's, and more.

Sereena's MySpace page   B.A.R.F photos of Sereena

Akyaa and Sereena work the audience.  Watch your pockets and pocket your watches!


The dangerous comedy of Johnny Phoenix  a.k.a. Deane Laseter

Johnny Phoenix's performance style blends stand up style comedy with the variety arts.  He's been described as a mix of Steve Martin with Harry Houdini.  His eccentric humor and unscripted antics have earned him widespread recognition as one of the most original comic performers today. Weaving comic wit amid impressive feats of escapism, fire artistry and the supernatural has won Johnny Phoenix the title of "Danger Comedian."   Johnny's Fire-Eating Act is infusion of fire artistry and stand-up comedy. He shares comic "Truths" with the audience that touch on everyday life, men and women, teenagers and general rules to live by.


Johnny enjoys laughter, he says it's like jogging for the soul. Anything that makes people laugh without causing him too much pain interests him. 

As a self-proclaimed "Action Hero" of comedy, he has made a living with bullwhips, fire, straitjackets, chains, and more. 

Johnny's version of "Barbie-Q"

"Let's just say I'm a fun guy to go through airport security with.  Oh, yeah. I also like long walks on the beach...chains optional."


Johnny spent his early childhood performing table magic for the bowling league at his hometown alley in Palm Beach County, Florida. Later he was accepted into the Actors' Repertory Theatre Company where he received classical theatre training and toured under the directorship of the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Longing for something different, he joined Ta Fantastika, the Cirque Du Soleil of puppetry and one of the only three professional black light theatre companies in the world.  After a season of trotting the globe with life-sized puppets, he returned home to form The Comedy Squad, a hip improv comedy troupe. The troupe wrote, produced and performed a weekly sketch and improv comedy show at a downtown dive called the Arts Bar, a trendy hang out for local talent. He later acted in television and film having worked as a stand-in and body double for Sylvester Stallone.

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The Washing Well Wenches are a group of 17 talented and hilarious women.  Daphne, Winnie, Eureka, Pearl, Isadora, Poppy, Pentunia, Oliv, Ruby, Parsnip, Sophie, Pepper, Penelope, Ester, Prisilla, Eunice and Pearl.

The Wench Gallery

"You love me, you just don't know it yet!"

Photos of Isadora at  the wenches webbe site



a.k.a. Michela Bird Westover

Redefining "sexy" since 1492, Isadora and Winnie perform "The Knee Touching Song" on an unsuspecting man.
See video of "The Knee Touching Song" below

a.k.a. Kerri Slavin
"So, are ye married?"
Photos of Winnie at  the wenches webbe site



Lady Mesmer, a.k.a. Denise Oatley Hall
Denise's fast paced, high energy show will have you laughing so hard you'll be begging for mercy. Watch as your guests, colleagues and friends become the stars of the show. You'll never know what she'll have them doing next, but you can be sure it will be hilarious, respectful, good, clean fun.

Denise is a professional variety entertainer performing on stages, radio and television across the country for thousands of audiences of all ages, and backgrounds. You can count of Denise Oatley Hall to provide a professional, top quality, respectful, side-splitting, knee-slapping, memory making experience whatever the occasion.

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Christophe the Insultor is the alter-ego of Christopher Buehlman, a playwright, comedian, actor, writer and poet based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Buehlman, a Tampa native, grew up in St. Pete where he spent his formative years addicted to video games, pizza, Mad Magazine and British comedy. Now he travels around the country talking smack to people and drinking beer. That’s his job. When he has time off, he works in a cubicle.

Buehlman’s hobbies include, but are not limited to, attending theater, primitive archery, martial arts, cooking with lots of garlic, thick red wine, hanging out with other people’s dogs, chess, Axis and Allies, and expensive shoes.  Christopher Buehlman is the author of one novel, numerous short plays, a large body of poetry.  Christophe is a verbal mercenary whose wildly popular one-man comedy show can be found at renaissance festivals around the country.

He enjoys the company of dogs but travels too much to own one responsibly, so he will happily borrow yours when he is in town. "I make my living insulting people for money. If you find any part of my site insulting to you personally, you owe me money. Means for you to pay your debt will be provided on the page where I sell things."

Christophe's Webbe Site
Caution - strong, insulting language


Manolete's Pyro Gyro Show at the Black Pearl Stage

Manolete is performer Peter Suarez, a good natured fellow and a very talented flamenco dancer, giving a very entertaining and unique show! When Manolete takes the stage danger and comedy come together in a unique way. The only performer on the Renaissance Faire circuit to employ the rhythmic and spectacular "boledoras". Manolete weaves his way through a show of ever increasing danger to the delight and enjoyment of all. "Hilarious" "Mesmerizing"

Manolete's MySpace page    Manolete's photos    Manolete, the famous Spanish bullfighter

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