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Pirate Tales
is a musical stage show based upon the music of the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, blending traditional folk music with rock and roll.  They sing about the "important" things in life: drinking, fighting, women and men. Their music uses double entendre and euphemisms.   They also have children's shows, family shows, general audience shows, as well as naughty shows. Their shows promote good health, good audience participation, and a strong constitution!

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Pirate Tales Members
Anne, Diana, Erin, George, John, Liz, Ronnie




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 The New Minstrel Revue - Jerry Barry & J. Bradley Collier

The New Minstrel Revue is a talented and versatile group of musicians who come together to perform at Renaissance Festivals, pubs, and theatres around the country. At the core of the group are Jerry Barry (vocals, guitar, bass) and J. Bradley Collier (vocals, guitar, bass), both of whom have performed for years with the popular festival act, 'The Minstrels of Mayhem'. The group is augmented, when schedules allow, by fellow 'Minstrels of Mayhem' alumni Craig Merlin Broers (vocals, bass, lute) and Jimi Torrey (percussion, vocals). In addition to Craig and Jimi, The New Minstrel Revue regularly welcomes a number of other guests to the stage. The band was recently joined at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival by the fabulous Michelle Levy (violin), and by the very talented Michael Huebner (octave mandolin, percussion.)

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Jamison the Juggler
a.k.a. Andrew Lee

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For over twenty years, DreamWeaver Productions has been entertaining children and adults around the country. Their shows - DRAGON SCALES AND FAERIE TALES, and THE ENCHANTED WAGON, and THE SNOW QUEEN’S MAGIC TRUNK SHOW have been seen at state and county fairs, schools and zoos, as well as private parties and other functions.


Meet & Greet Fugazi the Forest Wizard and the baby dragon (a.k.a. Albion Minzey)


Dragon Scales and Faerie Tales is show for the child in everyone.  With elements such as audience participation, tricks and humor, their show is a memorable experience for adults and children alike. Young ones are enchanted by seeing the dragon come to life and many depart truly believing that the dragon is real. Each performance ends with a meet and greet, so everyone who wishes to meet the dragon and faerie can have a chance to do so.  The show has been performed for 20 years throughout the US and Canada, appearing at Renaissance Festivals, schools, libraries, zoos, and even Disney World and Six Flags. 



The show is a magical telling of the birth of a real "live" baby dragon. With the support of its loving faerie, the 8-foot dragon hatches from an extraordinary large golden egg. Together, the beautiful faerie and the audience welcome the dragon, then name, feed, and teach him to talk. At the show's conclusion, the kind faerie enlists the audience's help to tell the dragon a bedtime story involving the dragons search for a friend and his difficulty in being accepted by the local villagers. The story teaches the moral of not fearing the unknown or those who are different. Afterwards, the children in the audience are delighted with the opportunity to personally hug and kiss the dragon goodnight providing parents with a wonderful opportunity to photograph their child with the dragon and faerie.


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The Enchanted Wagon

The Enchanted Wagon is an eight foot long Box-Turtle named Flash with a medieval gypsy wagon seated atop its shell. It is driven by a hedgehog named Corwin who interacts with passing patrons, along with one puppeteer inside and a costumed attendant outside.  The turtle moves about the fair then stops, pulls in its head and legs, and that's when the fun begins! Windows, doors and curtains open as different puppets entertain the crowd. Various puppet characters appear, to tell jokes and sing; the Queen of the Jungle invests knighthood out of the wagon's back door and there are over 20 interactive features for patrons to play with. After a time the turtle will wake up and move on to another spot.  As the turtle wanders, they announce that they are lost and looking for the way back to fairyland. Corwin simply never stops to ask for directions, and so they are stuck meandering about the event grounds. The Enchanted Wagon is a spectacle in and of itself. Originally built with children in mind but just as fascinating to adults.


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Hob the Troll sings "I Walk the Line"
I have gone by and performed under many names. Doc, Doc Doccerson, Steve Gilewicz, Stevo, Rev. Dr. Stevo P. Rockenstien, but in order to save confusion, I shortened my name to just Stevo Doccerson.
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Don Vincente di Medici, Visconte di Firenze, Italia
Ambasciatore del Granducato della Toscana

Serves as the Florentine Ambassador to England on behalf of his cousin Cosimo the Great (Cosimo I) and their uncle the Pope, and serving the Roman Church ideals to bring England back to the Holy Mother Church.

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"Actor Extraordinaire" Ryan L. Cimino

Ryan enjoys theatre, acting, directing, singing, modeling, history, philosophy, poetry, fantasy, Disney, Universal, Broadway, Renaissance Festivals (Italian Ambassadors), Pirate Faires (Royal Navy, East India Trading Company, hanging pirates, etc., etc., etc!  He lives life with an aspiration for the arts. Ryan has had the opportunity to work in front of the camera and onstage as an actor.  He is flexible to most styles of shoots and looks for opportunities that provoke a unique style to shoot in, with a particular fondness to photos that are very theatrical in nature.


Among his career credits are:  National Television: Dr. G Medical Examiner (Discovery Health Channel) Film: The Guardians, Intentions Of The Perfect Love, and Die Todes Gruppe. Print Work: Orlando Bride Guide

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King Henry VIII performs wedding vow renewals at the Fittleworth Chapel with the assistance of his Court.

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