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Wilson has partnered with the NFL for 43 seasons to produce every official game ball. Every official NFL Game Ball is produced right here in America, in the small town of Ada, Ohio.

Barbara Ulrey has been a Wilson Final Inspector for 18 football seasons.  She is responsible for making sure each Official NFL Game Football produced is of the highest quality and meets the exact size and weight specifications for game play.


Home to the Wilson Football Factory, the people of Ada (population 5,847) carry on a tradition that has made Wilson Sporting Goods Co. an enduring part of American football lore.

Jane Helser has been a Wilson Lockstitch Operator for 42 football seasons.  Jane stitches the seams of each Official NFL Game Ball which allows NFL quarterbacks to throw tight spirals.

Wilson has made the official NFL Game Ball since 1941 and its workers take as much pride in stitching panels, pounding seams and tightening laces as any NFL quarterback does in reading defenses and throwing touchdown passes. 

Donna Putnam has been a Wilson football Lacer for 23 seasons.  Donna hand-laces each Official NFL Game Ball with precision and accuracy.

Established in 1955, the Wilson Football Factory produces more than 700,000 game footballs annually and stands as the only dedicated football factory in the world. Located approximately 80 miles northwest of Columbus, Ohio, the factory employs 150 workers and includes many second and third generation workers.

Wilson Football Factory

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