Tribute to Immigrants of Ybor City - Centennial Park

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Read an EXCELLENT article online from an Ybor Museum exhibit which tells how various groups of immigrants came to Ybor City.  


"How We Got Here, Immigration & Ybor City, 1886 - 1921."  


The Cubans, the Italians, the Spaniards, and the Jews; who they were, why they left their homelands, what they found here, what they did here.  Don't miss this article, it shows various photos that bring to life the emotion and passion of Ybor City's immigrants.  This is a PDF file and is quite large.




Steve Dickey's first statue in commissioned in 1991; a tribute in bronze to Ybor City's early immigrants.


Dedicated May 31,1992 To those courageous Men and Women who came to this Country in search of personal Freedom Economic opportunity and a future of Hope for their families.


A journey into Tampa's history


The statue of Al Lopez at Himes Ave. and MLK Jr. Blvd is also by Steve Dickey

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