The Sulphur Springs Water Tower Lighting Ceremony - Page 4

 Tower Bright


Golden sun now slips away

lowering curtain, perfect day.

Slowly creeps the gloomy night

on the tower and its might.



V.I.P's who helped spearhead the campaign listen to introductory comments as they await their turn to address the audience.  City councilman Shawn Harrison, Mayor Iorio, Tampa City Council members Mary Alvarez, Kevin White, Linda Saul-Sena and Sulphur Springs Action League President Joseph Robinson.


Visit the Mayor's page for more info and pictures.

Long ago in days of yore

a brighter coat the tower wore.

Clear, cool water was its treasure;

a fount from earth once without measure.


Through the decades quietly slept

with darkened mysteries once it kept.

Having boldly shown the way

like a milepost in the day.


Our attention did it keep,

long in darkness would it sleep.

Haunting memories that it brings--

old white tower, Sulphur Springs.



When the evening once was dark,

Josiah's tower by the park,

in the dimness once we viewed,

but now at last its hope renewed.


Mayor Pam Iorio flips the ceremonial big switch




Once neglected, threatened tower

now stands proudly, every hour.

Henceforth bathed in brilliant light...

castle, beacon, tower bright!


The signage and surrounding landscaping is located at the southeast corner of Florida Avenue and Bird Street.

 At right, a view of the tower from the south

end of the James N. Holmes bridge


See more Tampapix photos of the tower during the day and learn more about the tower and the park.


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