The Sulphur Springs Water Tower Lighting Ceremony - Page 3


Except for the ground level,  each of the levels have windows in all directions.  the hollow central core of the tower can be seen at the right edge

There are no lights in the tower.   These photos are lit only by the minimal light entering the doorway and a low powered camera flash.  

The floor of the tower is flooded with water from the natural spring that bubbles up beneath it.  Photo at left shows the bridge that connects the outer catwalk to the inner supporting core.

An old rusted pump

A pump starter switch

Catwalk from outer perimeter to inner core





Hundreds of Tampa residents who for years wondered what the inside of the tower looks like, peered curiously up the inside of the central core, seen at right.  Click on the light at the end of the tunnel to see close up.

At left you can see one of the old wooden entry doors.






Square holes in each floor at the outer wall of the tower enable travel from level to level.  From here you can see up to the top floor, about 200 feet away.


This safety ladder was installed to provide workers a safer passage than the original wooden ladders found in the tower.

Sulphur Springs Water Tower Lighting Ceremony

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