Scene from "The Punisher" filmed at the Goody Goody
Frank Castle's first encounter with Harry Heck, the Memphis hit man

  [Bumpo] O my goodness, these pancakes are really good, Jo.  



Notice the nostalgic Coca Cola items on top of the cabinet (and throughout the dining room) have been replaced.

The yellow laminate countertop was covered with aluminum.


Some of the historic all-aluminum dining room chairs have been replaced with red vinyl-covered ice cream parlor chairs.

  What's he been doing for the past few days?  

Pepsi memorabilia on the walls was left intact.

  Drinking---a lot.  [Sound of bell ringing on door, door opening]  

All tables and chairs in the middle of the dining room have been removed, presumably to create a spacious area more conducive to the scene.

  G'morning sir, sit down where ever you like.  

The Coca Cola sign in the corner was replaced by a large image of a hamburger.


Florida's "indoor clean air act" was ignored.


New (for the movie) wood venetian blinds have been installed, replacing the previous white blinds.


Menus were added to each table setting, as well as a bottle of hot sauce.


Original Goody Goody salt & pepper shakers & holder were left in place.  Napkin dispensers were added.

  [Castle readies his gun.]  
  [Song] I can hear what you're thinking  
  All your doubts and fears  
  If you look in my eye, in time you'll find the reason I'm here
and in time all things shall pass away
in time you may come back some day
to live once more, or die once more
but in time your time will more
  Do I know you?  
  I know you.  You're that boy in the newspaper.  Came back from the dead.  
  I didn't catch your name.  
  You like that song?  I wrote that for you.  
  I'm gonna sing it at your funeral.  

Another scene was filmed outside on the Goody Goody parking lot, right outside the entrance door.  Castle got into his car, peeled rubber, and tore out heading north on Florida Ave. The scene was cut and did not appear in the movie.


  In the next scene, Castle encounters hit man Harry Heck while he is waiting for the Laurel Street bridge to close.  See stills from this scene.



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Scene from the movie "The Punisher" filmed in the Goody Goody

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