Clara Barton's Whereabouts During the Red Cross Relief for Cuba

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 date   Clara's Location EVENT (Time in Tampa is highlighted in orange.)
1898 Feb. 5 Sat Onboard train, Washington DC to Charleston, SC Clara leaves Washington for Cuba, on Southern Railway at 10:45pm.
1898 Feb. 6 Sun Onboard train, Charleston, SC Transfer to Florida Central and Peninsular RR in Charleston, SC.
1898 Feb. Mon Tampa, onboard train, Port Tampa Clara arrives in Tampa, picks up Plant System tickets for the Olivette at Tampa Bay Hotel, takes train to Port Tampa, board Olivette.
1898 Feb. 8 Tue Olivette at sea, Key West On the Olivette, Port Tampa to Key West.
1898 Feb. 9 Wed Olivette at sea, Havana, Cuba On the Olivette, Key West to Havana, Cuba.
The Red Cross in Peace and War, P. 523
1898 Feb. 13 Sun Onboard USS Maine, Havana Harbor Havana Harbor, Clara on board the U.S.S. Maine, lunch with Capt. Sigsbee.
The Red Cross in Peace and War, P.523
1898 Feb. 15 Tue Havana USS Maine explosion, Barton tends to the injured.
1898         Start of Clara's 2nd journal of notes on Cuba
1898 Feb.
Various towns in Cuba Clara's first entry, relief work. Within a span of 9 days, she travels from Havana to Matanzas, Artemisa, back "home" to Havana, Sagua La Grande, Cienfuegos, Santo Domingo, back to Matanzas and back to Havana. In Cuba through March 21.
1898 Mar.  22 Tue Cuba Decision made to go to Washington with Egan & Cotrell, sees consul Fitzhugh Lee, press reports of friction between Barton & Klopsch.
  Mar.  23 Wed Havana, at sea, Key West En route to Washington, on ship from Havana to Key West, arrives after 9 pm in Key West.
1898 Mar.  24 Thu Port Tampa, Tampa Arrives in Port Tampa 2:30 pm, uses a room at the Port Tampa Inn, leaves at 4:45 pm for Tampa Bay Hotel. Meets society people in the lobby, religious leaders, reporters.  Has dinner by invitation, leaves Tampa on next train for Washington via Jacksonville & Charleston. Sleeps overnight in a Pullman car.
1898 Mar.  25 Fri Onboard train, North Florida, Washington On train near the Suwannee River, has breakfast, writes letters.
1898 Mar.
Washington DC, Glen Echo, MD Arrives in Washington, Red Cross dealings, home in Glenn Echo.
1898 Apr. 3 Sun Onboard train, Washington to Jacksonville On train from Washington DC to Charlotte, NC to Jacksonville.
1898 Apr. 4 Mon Onboard trains, Jacksonville to Tampa On train.
1898 Apr. 5 Tue Port Tampa, at sea, Key West Tampa to Key West.
1898 Apr. 6 Wed Havana, Cuba Havana
1898 Apr. 7 Thu Havana, Cuba Strong talk of war, concern for her safety.
1898 Apr. 8 Fri Havana, Cuba Telegram to S.E. Barton for advice, reply "take no chances." Decides to leave next day.
1898 Apr. 9 Sat Havana, Cuba, onboard Olivette, Key West On the Olivette, departs Cuba for Tampa with a party of 20.  Havana to Key West.
1898 Apr. 10 Sun Key West, at sea onboard Olivette On the Olivette, Key West to Port Tampa.
1898 Apr. 11 Mon Port Tampa, Tampa, Hotel Arno Arrive in Port Tampa in the morning.  Met Fitzhugh Lee (US Consulate to Cuba) by chance, sent letters, took train to Tampa. "Hotel closed, went to Arno."
1898 Apr. 12 Tue Tampa, Hotel Arno At the Arno hotel.  Trunks fumigated at J.M. Towne's Tampa Steam Laundry across from the Arno, meets Mrs. Shelly and Miss Metz of kindergarten.
1898 Apr. 13 Wed Tampa, Hotel Arno, Tampa Heights kindergarten, Hyde Park, Towne residence, Plant Park In the morning, Clara & Dr. Egan visit Miss Carrie Metz' kindergarten in Tampa Heights with Hyde Park teachers. Among other activities, tells the story of her life.  Afterward, moves to "new home" at the J. Mack Towne residence in Hyde Park.  Clara attends a picnic in Plant Park on the west bank of the Hillsborough River with McDowell, Egan and Elwell, among others.  Hubbell goes to NY, advises Clara to go to Washington.
1898 Apr. 14 Thu Tampa, Hyde Park, Towne residence Clara rents a room at the Towne's residence, trunks arrive.  Nephew Stephen E. Barton wires for her to stay there. She and Red Cross staff make the Towne home their headquarters.
1898 Apr. 15 Fri Tampa, Hyde Park, Towne residence Clara wrote letters and telegrams, spent evening chatting in parlor with Towne's neighbor, Mrs. Porch. Went for a ride with Miss Metz.  Elwell left for Key West that night.
1898 Apr. 16 Sat Tampa, train station, onboard train News of war, report of troops coming to Tampa which will be command center.  Receives telegram from SEB to come to Washington and leave staff in Tampa.  Writes letters to Red Cross personnel, packs in minutes, leaves for train station at 7:30 pm.  Waits at station until 9 pm, takes train and sleeping berth.
1898 Apr. 17 Sun Onboard train, Jacksonville Clara arrives in Jacksonville 1/2 hour late, misses next train.  Has breakfast in station restaurant, read all day till 4pm.  Meets friend of Egan, goes on long ride, writes dispatches to NY, DC and Tampa, train leaves at 8pm.
1898 Apr. 20 Wed Washington DC Arrives at Washington Square in time for breakfast, various activities about other members' whereabouts.
1898 Apr. 21 Thu Washington DC, Glen Echo, MD War news gets bad, steamer (relief ship Texas) to sail Sat 23rd.  Hubbell will go in charge.
1898   N.D.     The page after Apr. 21 is the page Clara referred to on the first page of this book (No.2) as being numbered "00" containing names of persons she met on this trip.
1898 Apr. 22 Fri Glen Echo, MD, Home Clara is home at Glen Echo, MD
1898 Apr. 23 Sat Glen Echo, MD, Home Still in Glen Echo, MD. Notes ship sailed 8:30 (Relief ship State of Texas leaves NY.)  Clara does general house cleanup of home and other activity. Lucy Graves comes.
1898 Apr. 24 Sun Glen Echo, MD, Home Still in Glen Echo, MD. Heavy rain. Notes St. of Texas to arrive in Key West Thursday.  Mr. Cobb to go with Clara to Tampa.  Hubbell and Duncan are on the Texas.
1898 Apr. 25 Mon   U.S. DECLARES WAR ON SPAIN
1898 Apr. 25 Mon Washington DC Clara is in Washington to get authority letters allowing passage for relief ship; goes to see President McKinley who referred her to Aldee (Alvey A. Adee, acting Sec. of State in 1898 during Sp-Am war)  who wrote letter of recommendation to Sec. of the Navy John D. Long.  Clara meets with Long who gives her letters of introduction for naval commanders, for the purpose of authorizing the Red Cross relief ship to enter Cuba.  Clara notes, "This placed us right at sea."  Clara returns to Glen Echo, Mr. Cobb there and Bettina (Lesser) comes.  Lots of notes for this day.
1898 Apr. 26 Tue Washington DC, onboard train Leave for Tampa.  To take 9:30 train to catch 11:15 train; rainy.  Met Lucy (Graves) at train, among others. Those on the trip with Clara are Egan, Cobb, and Lucy Graves, had dinner on train.
1898 Apr. 27 Wed Onboard train, Jacksonville, Tampa, Hyde Park Towne residence On train for Tampa, rainy, dull.  Met Talliferros of Jacksonville on board, reach Jax early with 20 minutes to spare for breakfast, rush to catch next train in 5 min. Wire ahead to Tampa that they will arrive at 5:30 but get there at 6:30 pm, find Dr (Gardner) and (wife) Enola there, home in time for supper. (The Towne's residence again.)
1898 Apr. 28 Thu Tampa, military encampments, Hyde Park Towne residence Clara goes with Gen. Wade and Lieut. Alma in a carriage to visit military encampments, 9th Infantry, 4th Infantry, Capt. Hall, all genial and glad to see "us."  Clara and her Red Cross staff  attend a military tea at the Towne's residence at 4pm, attended by many military leaders, high society and Tampa VIPs. "Lively entertainment for all Tampa." Two photos of this event taken on front porch.  Clara packs her trunks and pays rent to May 12--$62.
1898  Apr. 28     Journal turned horizontal and 2-page entry written, possibly for press release or the makings of a telegram, "If the people desire me to return to Cuba…"
1898  Apr. 28   Tampa Bay Hotel train station, onboard train, Port Tampa, onboard Mascotte Train leaves the Tampa Bay Hotel station at 7:30 pm for the Mascotte at Port Tampa for Key West. "We all take it - Dr [Gardner] & [wife] Enola, Miss Graves, four nurses, Dr. Egan, Cotrell, Elwell, McDowell…Mr. & Mrs. Plant came out to see us at hotel, and came to reception. We reach boat and leave at 10 o'clock."
1898 Apr. 29 Fri Onboard Mascotte, at sea, Key West Mascotte to Key West.  Clara gets up at 3 am, tries to write letters but didn't know what to write.  Dressed & had pencil sketch done of her by English artist.  Land at Key West, meet up with friend of Hubbel & passengers of the Texas; Capt. Young.  Clara gives papers to Commander Forsythe who refers her to Capt Harrington of the Puritan who came on board their tug boat. Delivered copies of papers and went on to the ship [State of Texas], "A nice ship, well manned." Had supper, Mr. Mann historian Mr Bangs Mr Duncan - supper, rooms, bed.
1898 Apr. 30 Sat Onboard relief ship "State of Texas" On board ship in Key West.  Capt Harrington.  A delay, circumstances considered to be a continuation of Weyler's method, causing sufferers will be past the need of food before she could get any to them.  Preparations to go ashore, but Clara decides not to go.  She will go to church tomorrow.
1898 May 1 Sun Key West, church, onboard "State of Texas" Clara goes to church in Key West with Mrs. Gardner.  Notes on plans with Capt. Harrington, to see Spanish General Blanco, get food ashore under flag of truce.  Clara writes letter to be taken to Admiral Sampson.
1898 May 2 Mon Key West, onboard "State of Texas" Onboard the State of Texas - She sends a message to Admiral Sampson to asking to allow the ship to pass the blockade surrounding the island.   Clara meets with with Admiral Sampson on his ship, the new York;  Sampson dissaproves of Clara and her entourage entering Cuba at this time, for safety concerns.
1898 May 6 Fri Key West, onboard "State of Texas" Several pages of notes describing events, activity and news up to this day, the last entry for notes in this journal, still on the Texas in Key West.
No dates from this point to end of this book   Key West, onboard "State of Texas" Notes on El Bejucal, a small town near Havana:  3/4 hour RR to Winne(?) Pop. 8000 in all, reconcentrados 2500, no hospital, need is 300, public charity feed, daily death 10 to 12 persons.  Fever, wasting of blood, no clothing.
1898 May 7 Sat Key West, onboard "State of Texas" Clara starts her 3rd book with notes on Cuba, still onboard the State of Texas relief ship in Key West, refers to her first two books by description.  This is the third small book in which have been written notes of Cuba.  The first a red book commencing with the first of the field - The second a long thin little gray book, picked up incidentally, ending with May 6.  These small books are to be copied into a larger book when the time can be found to do it.
1898 May 7


Key West, onboard "State of Texas" Clara writes about many things, in more legible writing than her previous journal,  while waiting in Key West, among some of the various topics are: Too much familiarity by the captain with the nurses, feeding the captives on the 15 captured ships in Key West harbor, distribution of food for more ships, now numbering 20.
1898 May 18 Wed Key West, onboard "State of Texas" Elwell goes to Tampa to survey the conditions and supplies.
1898 May 21 Sat Key West, onboard "State of Texas" Clara vents frustration about the U.S. government and the Navy for their "lack of compassion" and resulting futility of the Red Cross efforts when she recounts her response to a correspondent from the London Standard who came by to see her.  Clara states that he could not understand why the Red Cross was not in great preparation to treat the wounded or sick and goes on to explain their methods to him.
1898 May 22 Sun Key West, onboard "State of Texas," at sea Relief ship State of Texas steams out of Key West for Tampa, the Red Cross having been denied permission to cross the blockade due to unsafe conditions.
1898 May 23 Mon At sea, onboard "State of Texas," Port Tampa, onboard train, Tampa, Tampa Bay Hotel, Hyde Park, Towne & Porch residences On the Relief ship State of Texas, on the way to Port Tampa, Clara recalls the death of her sister Sally 24 years prior.  Arrives at Port Tampa at 8:30 am, spends time onboard preparing for their trip to Washington.  She debarks at 4pm, takes a train to the Tampa Bay Hotel, meets several people in the lobby, and describes the scene.  Picked up by Mr. Cobb, and Mrs. Towne who insist she stay at her home.  Her house being full, Clara stays at the home of Mrs. Porch next door and describes her stay.
1898 May 24 Tue Porch residence, Hyde Park, Tampa, train station, onboard train, Waldo, Jacksonville, Florida Tampa to Jacksonville, 6am - Clara takes a carriage to the train station in Tampa.  Red Cross news was not very good. A hot and dusty day, no accommodations on the train to Jacksonville and the ride too rocky to write.  Goes on to describe what she did on the train.  It stops at Waldo for dinner (lunch) and was in Jacksonville from 4 pm to 7 pm.
1898 May 25 Wed Onboard train, Washington DC, Glen Echo MD, home On train to Washington, arrives 10 pm, train home to Glen Echo, 11 pm.
1898 May
New York City New York City, various Red Cross business and activity.
1898 Jun 1 Wed Washington DC Clara heads to Washington to lobby for authorization to cross the blockade.
1898 Jun. 6 Mon Washington DC Still in Washington, Clara receives letter of authorization from Sec. of War R.A. Alger.
1898 Jun. 9 Thu Glen Echo, MD, Home Clara is home at Glen Echo, MD, conducts business of the Red Cross operations
1898 Jun. 14 Tue Washington DC, onboard train Clara leaves her home in Glen Echo for Washington, 9 am, to catch Southern RR to Jacksonville and Tampa.
1898 Jun. 15 Wed Onboard train, Jacksonville FL Clara arrives late in Jacksonville due to accident of another train, misses train to Tampa and stays overnight in Jax at the Hotel Winslow.  
1898 Jun. 16 Thu Jacksonville, Port Tampa Clara leaves Jacksonville and arrives in Port Tampa at 10:50 am.  Her baggage didn't arrive and had to stay at Port Tampa another day.
1898 Jun. 17 Fri Port Tampa, onboard "State of Texas", at sea Clara leaves Port Tampa for Key West on the relief ship State of Texas, 7 am.
1898 Jun. 18 Sat Onboard "State of Texas," Key West Clara arrives in Key West after lunch time.
1898 Jun. 20 Mon Onboard "State of Texas" at sea Relief ship State of Texas leaves Key West for Cuba.
1898 Jun. 21 Tue Onboard "State of Texas" at sea Clara writes letters all day long at sea.
1898 Jun. 22 Wed Onboard "State of Texas" at sea, near Cuba Rough seas, nearing west point of Cuba.  Clara is up at 2am, sick.
1898 Jun. 23 Thu Onboard "State of Texas" at sea, near Cuba Storm abates, more calm.
1898 Jun. 24 Fri Onboard "State of Texas" at sea, along southern coast of Cuba Onboard, southern coast of Cuba, calm seas. Bettina Lesser remains very sick. Skirting the coast.
1898 Jun. 25 Sat Onboard "State of Texas" at sea, Santiago to Guantanamo harbor, Cuba Morning, among the fleet at Santiago. Head to Guantanamo, arrive in harbor around 6 pm.
1898 Jun. 26 Sun Guantanamo, Cuba Guantanamo, tended to the wounded.
1898 Jun. 27 Mon Siboney, Cuba Only notes "See typewritten diary."
Typewritten Diary (TD) - Relief efforts in Siboney
1898 Jun. 28 Tue Siboney, Altares, Cuba Only notes "See typewritten diary."
TD - Siboney or Altares.
1898 Jun. 29 Wed Guantanamo & Siboney, Cuba Only notes "See typewritten diary by Miss Graves."
TD - Guantanamo & Siboney
1898 Jun. 30 Thu Siboney, Cuba Only notes "See typewritten diary by Miss Graves." TD - Siboney
1898 Jul. 1 Fri Onboard "State of Texas" Siboney Onboard the ship, nearing Santiago. News of the fighting. 
TD - Siboney
1898 Jul. 2 Sat Siboney, Cuba Siboney-Gen. Shafter orders for needed supplies from the Red Cross
1898 Jul. 3 Sun Siboney, Cuba Siboney-Clara and others head to the front
1898 Jul. 4 Mon Siboney, Cuba Fourth of July description. Siboney, ten miles east of Santiago Harbor, Guantanamo
1898 Jul. 5 Tue Port Antonio, Jamaica Port Antonio, Jamaica
1898 Jul. 6 Wed Kingston/Port Royal, Jamaica Kingston or Port Royal, Jamaica
1898 Jul. 7 Thu Kingston, Jamaica, Siboney, Cuba Kingston to Siboney
1898 Jul. 9 Sat Siboney Siboney
1898 Jul. 11 Mon Siboney Siboney
1898 Jul. 14 Thu Siboney Siboney
1898 Jul. 15 Fri Siboney, Santiago Siboney - It is decided to leave Siboney Harbor and spend the day cruising the vicinity between Siboney and Santiago (July 15 & 16 are imaged out of sequence),
1898 Jul. 16 Sat Santiago Santiago de Cuba - Staff goes in small boats to visit the wrecks of Spanish war ships on the beach. Clara communicates to Capt. of the New York asking if they can enter Santiago harbor, he advises them to go to Guantanamo. (July 15 & 16 are imaged out of sequence)
1898 Jul. 17 Sun Santiago Relief ship waits at Santiago harbor for fleet to enter first. Entering around 4pm, they are overcome with emotion and sing "Praise God from Whom all blessings flow" and "America" while tears fill their eyes.
1898 Aug. 1 Mon Santiago Santiago de Cuba - Clara goes to see Gen. Shafter at the palace, the captain of a transport wants to buy ten tons of ice from the Red Cross, but they refuse to sell, instead give it freely, thus making friends ready to accommodate the Red Cross. Dr. Gardner and wife leave for home.
1898 Aug. 20 Sat Santiago Santiago de Cuba - 5 weeks in Santiago - Supper onboard the "Clinton"
1898 Aug. 21 Sun At Sea onboard the "Clinton" En route to Havana onboard the Clinton
1898 Aug. 22 Mon At Sea onboard the "Clinton" En route to Havana onboard the Clinton
1898 Aug. 23 Tue At Sea onboard the "Clinton" En route to Havana onboard the Clinton,
1898 Aug. 25 Thu Havana, Cuba Havana, Morro Castle sighted at about 8 am.
1898 Aug. 31 Wed Havana, Cuba Havana. Clara fell several days ago, hurt right eye., flies troubling her, both eyes sore, fear poisoned by the flies.
1898 Sep. 1 Thu Havana, Cuba Decision to return to U.S., pay fine of $500 to Cuban authorities.  Clara sick. Red Cross was refused permission by Havana government to unload and provide relief at Havana, leaves with mission not accomplished.
1898 Sep. 2 Fri At sea, onboard the "Clinton" En route to Tampa.  Clara quite ill, eyes troubling her a great deal, being tended to by day by Lucy Graves, by night by Miss Fowler, Dr. Egan attending physician.
1898 Sep. 3 Sat Egmont Key, quarantine station Egmont Key, quarantine station for detention and disinfection for 5 days.  Arrive early morning, go ashore in afternoon, legions of ferocious mosquitoes.
1898 Sep. 5 Mon Egmont Key, quarantine station Egmont Key - The Clinton returns to dock after having left to take on coal, Clara has final meeting with entire party. Expresses regret that they must break up, and returning home without having accomplished relief on entire island of Cuba, having relieved Santiago in only a week and certain they could have provided same to Havana and surrounding country in 6 weeks.
1898 Sep. 6 Tue Egmont Key, quarantine station Egmont Key - Article transcribed from Sept. 3 Harper's Weekly about the Red Cross work in Cuba.
Long transcription of Clara's comments after reading Harper's article:
1898 Sep. 8 Thu Egmont Key, quarantine station Released from quarantine at Egmont Key, remain there till next day.
1898 Sep. 9 Fri Egmont Key, onboard steamer, Port Tampa Clara and the ladies board a small steamer which left Egmont Key at 8 pm and arrived at Port Tampa around midnight.  Lucy Graves was quite ill.
1898 Sep. 10 Sat Onboard steamer in Port Tampa, onboard train Except for Miss Fowler and Mr. Van Schelle (who went to the Arno), the party remained on the steamer all day, leaving it in the evening to take the train for the north.  Letter dated Sept. 10 from Clara "Expect to arrive Washington Monday morning…Leave here tonight, Saturday."
1898 Sep. 11
Onboard train, Washington DC Enroute to Washington - The trip north was without incident.
1898 Sep. 17 Sat Glen Echo, MD, Home Glen Echo, MD - Clara is home.
1898       Glen Echo, MD, Home The remaining pages of this book contain details of the contiinuation of relief to Cuba, and various other activities.
1898 Oct. 1 Sat Glen Echo, MD, Home Relief continues to be sent to Cuba. Letter from SEB to Clara dated Sept 30 states "…when you go through Tampa, please instruct…"
1898 Oct. 5 Wed Glen Echo, MD, Home Clara receives a visit from Estrada Palma, B.J. Guerra and Gonzalo de Queseda, heads of the Cuban Junta, requesting that supplies be given to them to load a schooner to send to the southern coasts of Cuba, to supply needs of insurgent soldiers of General Gomez and others.  Clara advises them she would be very glad to relieve sufferning in Cuba among all classes, but the Red Cross could not become a party to what would really be a smuggling scheme, as the recognized governing power in Cuba opposed the entrance of relief goods without payment of duties.  Advises them to secure private subscriptions for relief.
1898 Dec. 13 Tue Glen Echo, MD, Home Clara receives a letter from Gen. Joseph Wheeler and a proposed resolution of thanks from Congress for the work done by her in the war.  Clara dictates a response declining the proffered honor, but Judge Sheldon and others do not approve of the declining letter, so it isn't sent.
1898 Dec. 24 Sat Glen Echo, MD, Home Christmas eve - "It is thought best that Miss Barton's staff see the President today rather than she herself, and thus avoid, parially at least, newspaper reports and speculations as to the meaning of her call," for the purpose of learning what he desires the Red Cross to do in Cuba. "If the President says 'Go', Miss Barton will at once make a statement to the people of the country, and begin work either in Cuba or the Philippines."  The President referred them to the Sec. of War, who expressed a strong desire that the Red Cross continue work in Cuba, and if necessary authoriztion by the President was not given, it would be given by the War Dept who would personally see the President on Sunday.
1898 Dec. 25 Sun Glen Echo, MD, Home Mrs. Mussey and her son, Mrs. Sara A Spencer, and two ladies come in the afternoon, surprising Clara with a prepared Christmas dinner consisting of turkey, pies, cake, fruit, etc.   Mrs. Jennings comes from the city to help serve the dinner.
1898 Dec. 27 Tue Glen Echo, MD, Home Various members of Clara's household return from their Christmas holiday at their homes; Miss Graves, Mr. Cottrell, Mr. Cobb, and Dr. Egan.  Cottrell and Cobb go to Washington on business.  Hubbell also goes to town to attend to household matters.
1898 Dec. 28 Wed Glen Echo, MD, Home Clara dictates book matter to Lucy Graves all day, "and Miss Graves does not go home as usual."
1898 Dec. 29 Thu Glen Echo, MD, Home Mr. Cobb has a cold, in the midst of trying to help Clara with her book and arrangements with the President and Sec of War to determine the Red Cross' future course with regard to Cuba.
1898 Dec. 31 Fri Glen Echo, MD, Home The last entry in this book, Clara has spent the previous months conducting business of the Red Cross in Cuba, dealing with the politics of it and the press, all from her home in Glen Echo, and working on her book, published in 1899--"The Red Cross in Peace and War."  Miss Graves writes about the rain, plans to take Miss Coombs sightseeing in Washington spoiled by the weather.  Page ends in mid-sentence with Miss Coombs staying in to write letters, and her being willing and anxious to help Clara.


1899 Mar. 12   Washington DC Letter from C. Barton WDC  to SEBarton NYC Re "tomorrow morning at 11 Drs. Kent, Hubbell, AWKent and Cottrell leave for Havana by Southern Ry to be joined on their arrival by Mr. Werner, etc.
1899 Mar 14   Washington DC


Letter from Barton WDC to Dr. Kent WDC Re About to inaugurate Red Cross hospital service in Cuba - Credentials
1899 Mar 14   Washington DC


Letter from Barton to Gen. John R. Brooks Re "It was expected...that I would be able to go to Cuba and conduct work personally, but other matters of great importance to the Red Cross require me to remain here for the present.   I visit the island soon."
1899 Mar 14   Washington DC Letter from C.Barton to Loulie Gordon, ATL Ga Re possibility of establishing a receiving station for supplies in ATL to forward  to Tampa or Savannah.
1899 Mar 14   Washington DC Letter from C.Barton WDC to Mr. Scott, Palm Beach Inn, Palm Bch, FL re Expedition to Cuba left at 11 this morning, may need their services, asks if they are immune from yellow fever.
1899 Mar 15   Washington DC Memorandum from C. Barton WDC to Membrs of the Executive Committee re Dr. Alexander Kent, Dr. J.B. Hubbell, A.W.Kent and C.H.H. Cottrell left for Havana on Tuesday morning via Miami.  They will be joined by W.S. Warner, Geo. W. Hyatt and Dr. J.S. Sollosso.
1899 Mar 16   Washington DC Letter from C.Barton WDC to SEBarton NYC "I am glad that you think it is better for me not to go, for it was something I greatly dreaded to do.  I am sure that the parties whoo go and those whom they will send for will be quite equal to that work.
1899 Mar 17   Washington DC Letter from CB WDE to Dr. Hubbell, Havana re received his letter from Florida.
1899 Mar 18   Washington DC Cablegram received at Red Cross WDC from Red Cross staff in Cuba "Landed supplies yesterday, quartered at house of Senora Jorrin in the Cerro. Drs Hubbell and Carbonell have gone to Guines. Dr. Sollosso's hospital now ready to open.
1899 Mar 18   Washington DC Letter from CB to Dr. Alexander Kent, Havana Re supplies landed without duties, "P.S. I am sending this acknowledgment hastily in order to catch the first steamer from Tampa."
1899 Mar 22   Washington DC Letter from CB WDC to Miss James, Det. MI, "names of four nurses in photo on page 675 of The Red Cross in Peace and war.  L to R: Misses Isabelle Olm, Annie McCue, Blanche MacCorriston, Minnie Rogall, all from the NY RC hospital, living at 250 W. 93rd St NYC.
1899 Mar 28   Washington DC

From CB WDC to CHHCottrell Havana "We are sending this morning 5 nurses and one diet cook: Mrs. Fannie B. Ward, Mrs. A.K. Capron, Miss Elsa Trotzig, Miss Ruthett Adams, Miss Ellen Betts, Mr. String (DIet Cook).  Trotzig & String from Assoc. Soc. of Philadelphia, maintained by them.

1899 Mar 28   Washington DC From CB WDC To Drs. Alexander Kent & Hubbell Same as above but with "Accompanying the party will be Mr. Joseph Steinmetz, engineer, and Mr. Guy King, Architect, sent by Assoc Soc. of Phil which proposes to construct a large institution near Havana as a children's hospital, afterwards to serve as a permanent home for children.  Steinmetz & King to select a location and begin construction.
1899 Mar 28   Washington DC From CB WDC to Caroline Gerow-Ham Mt. Vernon, NY
Letter summarizing recent sending of RC staff to Cuba and their purposes; conditions and needs there.
1899 Apr 1   Washington DC
1899 Apr 19   Washington DC Letter from CB WDC to Dr. A Kent, 27 Calle Cuba
Update, summary of work
1899 Apr 25   Washington DC Letter from CB WDC to Dr. Alexander Kent, Havana
"Ever since you went away I have been planning week by week to get a few days to go and see you....But on Tuesday, May 2nd, D.V., I entend to start for Havana via Miami..I cannot stay long, but shall be very glad to see you and your work.
1899 Apr 26   Washington DC Letter from CB WDC to J. Wilks O'Neil, Philly
CB instructs to have the 4 nurses leave Phil early next Tuesday morning May 2 to arrive in PA station WDC at 10am, to have time to transfer baggage.  Will leave for Havana at 11:15 am via Miami.  Transportation will be free from this point.
1899 May 1   Washington DC Letter from CB WDC to Dr. Wilks O'Neil, Phil
Permission granted to send 5 nurses instead of 4, adding Miss Koehler.
1899 May 2   Washington DC Memo from CB WDC to Mr. Edw. K Balcom
Leaving him in charge of the office during her absence on trip to Cuba.  Instructions to attend to all financial matters turned over to Mr. Edson. Permit no property to leave the office.  Correspondence to be in charge of Lucy Graves.
1899 May 2   Washington DC Memo from CB WDC to Lucy Graves
Balcom in general charge of the office, corresp committed to her special care.  Answer letters in usual from.  Official letters forward to CB at Havana, as well as personal mail.  Will notify when to stop forwarding letters.
1899 May 2   Washington DC Letter unsigned to Mr. M. Generelly, New Orleans
The enclosed labels..Miss Barton left this morning for Cuba at 11:15.
1899 May 2   En route to Cuba Letter from Lucy Graves WDC to J.Wilks O'Neill, Phil
Five nurses arrived safely, Party left at 11:15 for Havana.
1899 May 2   En route to Cuba Letter from LG WDC to Ellen S. Morgan, Holyoke, MASS Miss Barrton is in Cuba, and will be for 2 or 3 weeks...
1899 May 3   En route to Cuba

Letter from LG to George P. Knapp, Barre MASS
...Miss Barton left on Tuesday for Cuba and will be absent for two weeks....

1899 Jun 2   Cuba Letter from LG WDC to CB HAV
Thank you letter, updates Barton. "People inquire when we expect your return, and I say we don't expect it at any special time, but are prepared to give Miss Barton the warmest of welcomes whenever she comes.
1899 Jun 2   Cuba Letter from LG WDC to Dr. O'Neill
"We also believed that Miss Barton would return by the first of June.  However, a letter received fro her a day or two ago states that the work in Cuba at this time is such that she cannot say positively when she will return.  Dr. Kent returns this week.
1899 Jun 8   Cuba Letter from LG WDC to CB, 27 Calle Cuba, Havana
Updates on office happenings;Mrs. Ward & Dr. Kent have come by the office, suffering from the heat which they say is much greater than in Cuba.
1899 Jun     Cuba Cover Book#6 Cuba notes
1899 Jun     Cuba p4 Sixth of small notebooks on Cuba following the 3rd red book which commenced with Jan. 1899.  The Cuban diaries preceding this are the red books, one narrow gray book, and the black pocket diary of the latter part of 1898.  This book was purchased in Key West on the way to Havana with the 5 Phil nurses with Mr. Cobb, White and Van Adsten(?) April 6, 1899.  Commences Jun 1, 1899 Thursday, its predecessor closing May 31, 1899.
1899 Jun 1   Cuba Thursday
Opens With Clara in Matanzas with unsuccessful attempt to see Gen. Nelson in Matanzas and going to Havana to look for him.
1899 Jul 15   Cuba Leave Cuba at 2 on the SS Havana
1899 Jul 16   En Route to NY Sunday - Woke this morning. entered Gulf Stream at excellent speed for only a "home line" and not an ocean steamer.  Expected in make the run in 3 days and arrive NY on Tuesday.

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