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Owners of Gallegos Barber Shop on Howard Avenue, Eulojio Leira "Yoyo", Armando Leira, and Miguel Leira, 1957 06-13-14
Newspaper photo of Armando Leira and Robert Alveo on a snorkel lift painting the exterior of a school, March 1983 06-12-14
Shirley Cutler posing on a brick sidewalk in front of a car on Franklin St., 1958 06-09-14
Large banquet at the "Alfredo y Familia" grocery store with several members of the Tony Garcia family, circa 1938 06-03-14
Studio portrait of Armando Leira, 8 years old, taken at Angel Studios, circa 1932 06-02-14
Group of Macfarlane Park Elementary School students seated at the school entrance, with Armando Leira, circa 1933 06-01-14
West Tampa Jr. High School diploma of Armando Abreu, 1936 05-31-14
Close up of old cement pylon street marker at St. Isabel Street 05-22-14
Modern street sign and old cement pylon street marker at 2500 block of St. Isabel Street 05-22-14
Right side of centerfold page of West Tampa Jr. High School cameo photos of 1954-1955 senior class 05-16-14
Left side of centerfold page of West Tampa Jr. High School cameo photos of 1954-1955 senior class 05-16-14
Macfarlane Park Elementary school class photo of S. D. Ficarrotta  5th grade class, 1958-1959 05-16-14
Macfarlane Park Elementary school class photo of Mrs. Lucille Paula's 2nd grade class, 1955-1956 05-16-14
Cuban lottery ticket from 1929 05-12-14
House at 2312 W. Laurel Street 05-05-14
Former location of A. P. Boza Funeral home at 1417 North Albany Avenue/1934 West Laurel Street (House) 05-05-14
View of the balcony from the east of the Warren Building, 2117 West Main Street, Mistretta Bros. Grocery 05-05-14
Buena Vista Building located on the SE corner of Lasalle and Garcia Ave. in 1949 05-04-14
Roberts City Service Station located at 1517 Garcia Ave. in 1926 05-04-14
F. Garcia & Bros Cigar Factory located at 1114 Garcia Ave (corner of Arch) in 1923 05-04-14
New cover photo montage for the group Facebook page 04-28-14
Front page of La Gaceta special West Tampa edition showing Ferlita and Reina dairy farm in 1907, April 25, 2014 04-28-14
Front cover of La Gaceta special West Tampa edition, April 25, 2014 04-28-14
Newspaper article about Fortune Street bridge tugboat accident "Ferry Line to West Tampa", May 14, 1901 04-25-14
Cousins Elvira Tamargo Garcia & Mary Louise Pasetti Gegunde pose in their Easter finery in front of their grandparents' home at 2313 Laurel Street in 1941  04-22-14
Macfarlane Park Elementary School 2nd grade class of 1958-59 with John Tamargo 04-21-14
Manuel Calzon, Sr. and other men around a pool table at a local pool hall, circa 1920s 04-21-14
West Tampa Little League All-Star team posing at West Tampa Little League Field, 1963 04-21-14
Dan Perez and sister Yolanda (Rachel) posing at fountain waterfall at Bourquardez Park, Easter Sunday, circa 1964 04-20-14
Dan Perez and sister Yolanda (Rachel) posing at large cross and flowers at Bourquardez Park, Easter Sunday, circa 1964 04-20-14
Two photos 10 years apart of girl posing in her Easter dress 04-20-14
Cynthia Garcia Tamargo & sister Shirley Garcia Risler in Easter dresses posing in front of the gate at El Centro Espanol Cemetery 04-19-14
Marcelo Maseda and Tony Garcia 04-19-14
Cover of West Tampa Jr. High School Class of 1940 graduation banquet program at Columbia Restaurant, Jan 30, 1940 04-19-14
Lyrics to song titled "Farewell" regarding leaving West Tampa Jr. High School 04-19-14
Marina & Marcelo Maseda, Mary & Bevi Castro, Gloria & Larry Guerra. enjoying each other's company at a club or restaurant, circa late 1950s, picture taken by Waldo Diaz 04-18-14
A large group of women dressed for Easter posing along Bayshore Blvd, circa mid 1940s 04-18-14
Many people standing on the front porch of a house, Fernando Gonzalez and his wife, Maria María.  Other surnames are Martínez, Russo, Fernandez, Fletcher, and Gonzalez 04-16-14
Well-dressed people posing on the front porch of a house Luis Barcia, Carolina Barcia. Atilia Barcia Palenzuela, Angel Palenzuela. Zenaida Barcia, Artidiello and Manolo Artidiello Johnny Diaz, Luisa Barcia Diaz. Palenzuela. Azulina Barcia,  Amadito Delgado.Johnny "Junior" Díaz in front of their home in Ybor City 04-16-14
Pasetti family gathered on the front porch of their home on Green St. 04-10-14
Photo added to West Tampa Businesses Album: El Frente Amarillo Grocery with Pietro & Nunzia Giglio and son Joe 04-07-14
Photos added to Faces of West Tampa Album: In Memory of the following and their families:  Maria Leto Pasetti / Francisco Espinosa & Carlota Perdomo Espina / Jose Landeira Yglesias and Julia Quintero Yglesias / Angel Lopez & Elvira Rodriguez Lopez / Jose Otero Maseda & Julia Valdez Maseda / Marcelo Maseda & Marina Lopez Maseda / Armandina Vidal & Antonio "Tribilin" Vidal / Gloria Vidal Alvarez / Elvira & Angel Lopez / Manuela Luis Melendreras / Angel Melendreras & Corona De La Parte Melendreras / Jose "Pirolo" Menendez / Charlie Leto / Pedro Ruffino Nonell & Maria Luisa Rodriguez Nonell / Lorenzo Giglio & Frances Leone Giglio / Peter Giglio & Sammy Giglio / Oscar Disgdiertt & Maria Lott Sanchez  Disgdiertt / Enrique Sanchez & Avelina Lott Sanchez / Rafael Disgdiertt & Isabel Cuellar Disgdiertt / Vito & Onofria Pellegrino / Peregrino Rey & Fannie O'Neal Rey / Thomas J. Hughes and Margaret Rey Hughes / Segio Polo, Sr. & Lionela Rodriguez Polo / Ceferino S. Fernandez & Felicia Lo Cicero Fernandez / Pietro Amorelli & Bessie Ferlita Amorelli / Jose Mendez & Josepha Pardo Mendez / Ruffino Mendez & Carmen Iglesias Mendez / Modesto Maseda & Zoila Garcia Maseda / Emelie Maseda Lopez / Saturino Alvarez & America Rodriguez Alvarez and children Arsenio, Armando, Adrian, and Ines / Jose Rodriguez & Emilia Hevia Rodriguez / Emilia Rodriguez Rivers / Manuel Lopez Torres & Severina Garcia Torres / Andres Priede & Trinidad Priede / Dionisio Valdes & Maria Torano Valdes / Rogelio Lopez & Enriquita Lopez / Rachel Lopez Tapanes / Jose Quelle & Etelvina Quelle / Wilfredo Vila & Carmen Vila / Manuel Carreno & Ysabel Fernandez Carreno / Arturo Carreno and Rose Carreno / Fernando G. Fernandez & Carmen Gomez Fernandez / Manuel Virsida & Edna Atwell Virsida / Lewis Rodriguez & Leonor Rodriguez / Aquilino Gonzalez & Pilar Gonzalez / Miguel Martin Otero & Berta Cachurro Otero / Hollie Harrison Benjamin / Bennie Pardo & Toni Pardo / Jose Pardo & Anna Pardo / Antonio Lopez & Guillermina Lopez, and sons Tony, Ralph, Reynaldo, Evilio, and Raymond / Ydelfonso S. Polo & Flora Polo / Ernesto Alfonso & Maxima Palacio Alfonso / Luis Castrillon & Costantina Castrillon / Amado Rivera & Sofia Rivero / Benny Rivero / Nicola Agliano & Palma Parrino Agliano / Willie Pines & Eva Pines / Ciro La Russa / Antonio Gomez & Maria Nonell Azpeitia Gomez 04-06-14
Portrait of Amparo Toraño Torano and unknown woman standing 04-05-14
Portrait of baby Socorrito Alvarez Arango, sister of Manuel Alvarez, taken by photographer Andres Santana, circa 1915 04-05-14
Group photo of the ladies of the recreation department at El Centro Espanol, Sept. 1949 04-05-14
Portrait of unknown child taken by Henry Wiemer, German photographer in West Tampa 04-05-14
Portrait of Angel Alvarez 04-04-14
Portrait of Maria Lado 04-04-14
Photo Album: Roberts City - Employees posing in front of the J.W. Roberts cigar factory / Matassini Fish Company / Joseph Matassini and John Calderone next to a truck / Bernardo's grocery store / Bernardo's service station / Ramon and Mary Bernardo in front of their car, circa late 1940s / Buena Vista Hotel / Children on the steps of North Blvd. Church Bible School / Roberts City native and NAACP leader Robert Saunders with President John F. Kennedy JFK / Florida State Fairgrounds near Roberts City / 1951 map master plan of Tampa / Urban renewal Bernardo house marked for removal 03-25-14
Fire and onlookers on Howard Avenue as seen from Chestnut St. looking south, April 18, 1918 03-24-14
Fire and onlookers in a West Tampa neighborhood, April 1918 03-24-14
Cartoon depicting bucket brigade of men at the West Tampa fire of April 5, 1904 03-24-14
Old photo of men and children with roosters used in cockfighting 03-24-14
Speedline Athletic Wear at 1804 N. Habana Ave. 03-19-14
West Tampa Dreadnaught Basketball League at Rey Park, playoff teams Atlanta Restaurant & West Tampa Heights Civic Club, 1947 03-19-14
Maseda house at 3001 Chestnut and Gomez 03-18-14
Oak tree in the middle of Armenia Ave. near Tampa Bay Blvd, 1929 03-15-14
Front view of Italian Imported Grocery with William Edward Gonzalez Sr, proprietor Phillip Maurici, Johnny S Lima, Ciro Maurici, Dr. William Edward Gonzalez Jr. and Phillip Maurici, Ciro's, 2412 N Armenia Avenue in 1959 03-15-14
Tony Cuccinello, Manger of the Tampa Smokers in 1947 03-15-14
The last streetcar in West Tampa making its way past E. J. Salcines Sr's West Tampa Department Store at Howard and Main St, Aug. 1946 03-13-14
Dr. Winton at dedication of bust in his honor, in front of Cenro Espanol on Bayshore Blvd. 03-13-14
Don Ciccio's "Hall of Humanity," faces of 19 honorees sandblasted into Carrara marble identified: Cesar Medina - 1899 - 1991 Tony Pizzo - 1912 - 1994 Jerome Sierra - 1928 - 1999 Sam D. (Red Eye) Leto - 1925 - 2001 Nick C. Nuccio 1901 - 1989 Dick A. Greco, Sr. 1900 - 1971 Peter S. Cimino, Sr. 1895 - 1957 Castenzio Ferlita 1869 - 1957 Center: Francesco Costantino (My Nano) 1873 - 1943  Mack Ramsey Winton, M.D. 1874-1969 Pietro Chillura Martino 1853 - 1936  John P. DiMaio, M.D. 1882 -1926 Lawrence (Larry) Siegel 1929 - 2010 Rabbi David L. Zielonka 1904 - 1977 Jose Lorenzo Ramos 1885 -1963  Dow Sherwood 1908 -1987 Molly Ferrara 1905 - 1979 J.C.Valenti 1908 - 1985 Frank (My Dad) Costantino 1920 - 1992 03-12-14
John Ramos and family, owner of Ramos Marble & Granite in West Tampa 03-10-14
Don Ciccio's "Hall of Humanity," faces of 19 honorees sandblasted into Carrara marble 03-07-14
Howard P. Macfarlane, namesake of Howard Avenue and son of Hugh C. Macfarlane 03-02-14
Tampa Bay Blvd at Habana Ave looking east in 1956 02-27-14
La Poinsettia Cake Co. newspaper ad showing delivery trucks and owner Andrew Vila, circa 1940 02-27-14
Lector reading to cigar factory workers 02-24-14
E.J. Salcines giving tour to USF students 02-24-14
Residence at 1916 W. Laurel, demolished during I 275 expansion 02-23-14
1903 Sanborn fire insurance map showing location of Liberty Street in Ybor City 02-23-14
Residence at 1920 W Laurel, demolished during I-275 expansion 02-23-14
Building constructed in 1928 as the Gomez and Boza funeral home & residence, at 1934 W. Laurel, demolished during the I-275 Expansion 02-23-14
Photo Album: George Guida and family - Francesco & Maria Guida with children George, Mary & Fulmena / George Guida circa 1935 / George Guida and Palmira Priede wedding photo 1938 / George and Palmira Guida with their children, Frank, George (Bebe) , Lorraine, Geraldine & Gida / George and Palmira Guida with children and grandchildren, Frank Guida and his wife. George, Jr. (Bebe),  Lorraine, Gerry and Gida 02-22-14
House at 3300 W. Laurel St. destroyed by I-275 widening project 02-22-14
Photo Album: Laurel Street Demolition Blues - Various images of homes in various stages of preparation for removal due to I-275 widening project through West Tampa.  Includes homes of Ragano, Lombardia, Barrios, Wehling, 02-22-14
Photo Album: West Tampa Street Scenes, Old and New - Flowers on a tree Aileen St near Lincoln Av 2006 / Houses on Cypress St. and Albany, looking east in 1926 / Vacant property at Albany and Arch St / Vacant property walls on Beach St. near Howard Ave. / Men with carts and mules working on theBay with Tampa's cityscape in the distance, circa 1925 / Presbyterian Homes (formerly Robert City area) / Columbus Drive & Memorial Hwy, 1935 / Cows crossing Memorial Hwy near Tampania, circa 1922 / Houses and cigar factory on Cypress St. near Howard Ave. / Horse-drawn carriages on Main Street circa 1910 / Distant view of "El Reloj" (the clock) on the Pendas & Alvarez factory tower / Elevated view of fire on Howard Ave. from Chestnut St looking south, 1918 / Vacant lot former site of Cuesta Rey factory, Howard and Beach / Green St with Cespedes Hall  and OHalloran factory 1894 / Green St. and Albany, former WT police station site / M Bethune Housing and North Boulevard Homes, Main St / Unveiling and dedication of the memorial monument at Howard Ave. and Grand Central-Memorial Hwy, 1921 / Sicilian Club & Cazin Theater, 1934 / Former West Tampa State Bank at Howard & Main / Memorial Hwy looking west from Howard Ave 1925 / La Salle St. looking west from MacDill / Misspelled street marker at Ysolina & Main St. "Yoslina" / Diaz Corner Drug Store engraved in sidewalk at Main St. & Howard Ave. / Freedom Park, Main & Albany, site of former City Hall and former Cespedes Hall / Mango tree on Main St. / Octagon sidewalk pavers in vacant lot on Main St. / 02-21-14
Photo Album: West Tampa Restaurants, Food & Bodegas - Sierra market interior, Main & Howard / Antojitos, (Colombian) Howard & Columbus Dr. / Antojitos interior, Colombian food in warmer / Lo Price Market on Albany / El Rancho Grocery, (Mexican) formerly La Gloria, Habana & Chestnut / El Rancho interior view / House of Soul 2006, Columbus Dr (formerly Midullas and Latam) / Interior window shutters at Fourth of July Cafe / Cacciatore & Sons interior meat counter / Cigars and pastries, La Ideal, Tampa Bay Blvd / Avocados and tomatoes, veggie cart at la Ideal, Tampa Bay Blvd / El Sol de Cuba, Armenia near Columbus Drive / Main Street Grocery between Ysolina & Albany / West Tampa Sandwich Shop, Armenia & Douglas 02-20-14
Warren Building housing the Mistretta Bros Grocery at 2117 W. Main St.  circa 1970s 02-21-14
Interior of Eagle drugstore with owner Peter Cimino, Sr., Howard Ave., 1940 02-18-14
Photo Album: West Tampa Schools and Children - Academy of Holy Names original home in 1897, Albany Ave / Blake Magnet HS for Performing Arts, 2006 / A. L. Cuesta Elementary circa 1927, Cherry St & Tampania / A. L. Cuesta school children, circa 1940s / A. L. Cuesta school children, 1936 / Drew School children, 1917 , Armenia Ave. & Cordelia St. / Dunbar Elementary, Spruce St, near Rome / St. Pete Times article with photos re Macfarlane Park school demolition, Aug. 2, 2001 / Present Macfarlane Park elementary school on MacDill & Main St. / Macfarlane Park elementary school exterior lunch room view / Macfarlane Park school children's outdoor play circa 1930s / Macfarlane Park school children group photos / Former Macfarlane School (formerly Ellinger),later Carver Center, Willow Ave & Laurel St / West Tampa Elementary at site of former WTJunior High, Cherry St & Habana / Former site of A.L. Cuesta Elementary, now a parking lot / Stewart Middle School (former Blake HS); Spruce near North Blvd. / St. Joseph's School on Cherry St. 2006 / St. Joseph's school group graduation photo 1947 / West Tampa Junior High School on Habana and Walnut 1927 /  Page from the Centennial Celebration book for Tampa Bay Elementary School showing school entrance and alumnus signatures, 1995 02-18-14
House on Laurel Street relocated to La Salle Street 02-16-14
Photo Album: Parks, Murals, Sports - Cuesta Rey baseball team Champions Cigar City League 1913 / Salcines Park Mural "It's Time for West Tampa" / Capaz Park mural on facilities building wall / Macfarlane Park arch at George Guida Dr. entrance MacDill Ave. / Original pavilion at Macfarlane Park, 1909 / Former mural at Macfarlane park racquetball court showing Jose Marti and Antonio Maceo fighting Spaniards / Racquetball court with mural removed / Edgar Sanchez Cumbas painting new mural at Macfarlane Park / Portion of Rey Park Mural -Centro Espanol with dancers in window, trolley, kids playing in field, casitas / Last panel of Rey Park Mural with break-dancing kids, memorial to children who died in a fire (Michael Jackson in the bandstand!) and El Reloj (Pendas Alvarez factory) in background / Portion of Rey Park Mural front panel-Free Public Library, Santaella Factory, Ice Man / Rey Park Mural, Peregrino Rey, Cuesta Rey factory / Salcines Park on Main St. and Howard / Salcines Park Mural and checkers table / West Tampa Little League concessions stand rear view 2005 / Salcines Park bus stop 02-16-14
Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Dazzy Vance, and local Tampa men including Mr. Lazo, future owner of Lazo's Market, posing in Crystal River, 1930 02-14-14
Photo Album: More West Tampa - Tribute to George Guida "Mr. West Tampa" marker at Macfarlane Park / Marti-Colon Cemetery Chapel / Abuela Pepilla (Josefa Saldana Alvarez) grave in Marti-Colon Cemetery along Columbus Drive / Marti-Colon Cemetery older area / Entering Colon Cemetery sign / Mt. Pleasant church, Rome Ave. / First Baptist Church, Willow Ave. / Mt. Pleasant MB Church, Rome Ave. / Buttressed church, south West Tampa, Rome and Fremont (?) / The Body of Christ, God's OUT-LAW Church, next to WT Post office, Howard Av & Union / Church at Rome & Fremont (?) / The first St. Joseph Church at Albany and Walnut, 1903 / St Joseph church on Cherry Street between MacDill and Gomez / View across the Hillsborough River in 1921 showing Roberts City / Fonte family in Roberts City / Fonte family house n Roberts City / Fonte family and Fonte Cleaners delivery truck / Sanborn fire insurance map of Roberts City (upside down) / Roberts City's historian George Lopez and the Roberts City gang at El Gallo, 2005 / Carolyn Saunders in front of her home on Garcia Avenue, Roberts City 1956 / Newspaper article about boxing in Roberts City 02-13-14
Button showing "I gave so that Spain's children may live" and face of crying baby, during Tampa's aid to Spanish citizens during Spain's civil war, 1936 to 1939 02-13-14
Auto dealer Guy Ketterer, assistant manager of Santaella cigar factory Armando Rodriguez, Babe Ruth, and Santaella cigar factory manager Mariano Alvarez posing next to factory, March 1929 02-13-14
Carolyn Saunders in front of her home at 1608 Garcia Ave. in Roberts City, with S. Conte Grocery in background, circa 1956 02-13-14
Photo Album: Cigar Factory Workers - Cooperative Association of Cigar Factory Readers ("Lectors") I. D. card of Wifredo Rodriguez, no date / Striking workers soup kitchen / Cigar binders at Berriman/Morgan-Howard & Laurel / Close up of cigar maker's hands (cover photo, "Tampa's Cigar Workers" book by L.A. Perez and R. Ingalls) / colorized photo of cigar makers / Three workers with banded cigars at a factory / Workers on strike / A reader / lector reading to workers at Cuesta Rey, 1930  / Cuesta Rey postcard of cigar maker / Cuesta Rey selectors / Cuesta Rey women wrappers / workers at Cuesta Rey 1924 / Strippers circa 1900 / Gonzalez Habano, Mr. Serrano, foreman 1951 / Early factory scene with lector / Cigar worker, 1935 at Cuesta Rey / Lynching of Albano & Ficcarotta. 1910 Strike, Grand Central & Howard Ave. / Morgan Cigar factory workers / Women Marching, circa 1936 in support of Spanish Republic during Spanish Civil War, Seventh Ave. / Sorting tobacco leaves / Tampa committee to aid Spanish War sufferers 1936-1937 at Centro Asturiano / Triumphant striking workers in the street, circa 1890s to 1900 / Lectores banned from factories gathered in the street, 1931 Labor Temple / West Tampa cigar makers float in 1914 Gasparilla Parade / Women and men making cigars, circa 1940s or 50s / Woman wrapping cigars / Women wrapping & boxing cigars / women boxing cigars at Cuesta Rey 1947 / Women at Morgan Cigar Factory, 1936 / Women cigar makers / Large room full of cigar makers / cigar makers with coats hanging on wall 02-12-14
Band members on stage during celebration of radio station WYOU conversion to all-Spanish format, 1977 02-12-14
Dignitaries posing in front of new Macfarlane Park pavilion for dedication ceremony, Hugh Macfarlane, West Tampa mayor Enrique Hernandez, Tampa Mayor Perry G. Wall, councilmen Arturo Morales, George Benjamin, Jose Vasquez, William Barrett, city commissioner Sumter L. Lowry, and Dr. Adams, Dec. 31, 1924 02-11-14
Workers gathered to clear land for Macfarlane Park, circa 1908 02-11-14
West Tampa State Bank building with Fourth of July Cafe at Howard and Main St, 1925 02-08-14
Air View Market at Columbus Drive and Habana, corner view circa 1970s 02-08-14
Air View Market at Columbus Drive and Habana, 1940s 02-08-14
Patrone's Bakery old location at 1815 N. Howard Ave. at Chestnut, 1931 02-07-14
Patrone's and Alessi Bakery at 1820 N. Howard at Chestnut, 1931 02-07-14
Photo album:  Faces of West Tampa - Roland Alfonso's father, Sandra Alvarez' mother and two sisters at Gallo de Oro, Angelo Cacciatore (Mr. Silver Ring Cafe), at Gallo 2005, Angel Ranon, at Gallo, 2005, Hipolito Arenas family at H Arenas field, Armando Mendez, author, Arsenio Sanchez, West Tampa Historian, 2005, Al Arteaga, Luis Mutto, Mark Beiro, Bryan McG, Danny C at Gallo 2005, Bob Garcia and friends at Gallo, Caldevilla (Rick's Dad), Gallo, Las chicas de West Tampa Sandwich Shop 2006, Cuban bread man, EJ Salcines, Henry Beltran, Eustacio Fernandez with Cuban film-maker Gloria Rolando 1997,  Elena Alvarez Barrios and Andy Barrios on Nassau St., 1940s, Willie Garcia, Elvira T Garcia, and USF profs for the "No Pasaran-The Spanish Civil War Remembered" event at the Centro Asturiano, 1997, Enrique Henriquez, last mayor of West Tampa, Mr. Philip Rosete, JHS teacher, at Gallo 2005, Fernando Figueredo Socarras, first mayor of West Tampa, 1895, Francisco Milian, the radical mayor of West Tampa, 1901-1909, Beltran, Angel Ranon, EJ Salcines, "Panama" Jurado, at Gallo 2005, Gonzalez's and Randy Pines 2005,  Guida Store workersJerry Govantes, Deputy Dog LaBarbera and friends at WT Sandwich Shop, Joe Felicione and truck, 2005, Jose, despachando at Cacciatore & Sons 2005, Juan Mallea, union Marti-Maceo, Leone Grocery Store family, Lidia y Mary Greco Sanchez, WT Reunion 2006, Maura Barrios with Lucy Rodriguez, born West Tampa 1908, 100th birthday, Michael Scionti, WT Democrats, Hugh C Macfarlane, developer of West Tampa, Maria Dulce Garcia at "Roots" Forum, WT Library 2005, Marcelo Maseda, Papito,  Mario Aguilla, La Ideal, Tampa Bay Blvd 2005, Mutto and Mark BeiroRick Caldevilla, Mary Alvarrez, Tommy Castellano at Wt Library Roots Forum 2005, Martinez Family (Matilde, Elvin, Andrew, etc (La Gaceta), Matilda M Garcia and Elvin Martinez, Library Forum, 2005, Maura Barrios, St. Pete Times article about WT History Project, 2004, Dolly Murgado and Louis Steimatz at Roots Forum, 2005, Newspaper article about Emiliano Salcines Sr, Juan Salgado, Mrs. Tony Garcia WT Reunion, Macfarlane Park, 2006, Salvador Toledo, playwright, rolling cigars, Bobby Rodriguez, Library Forum 2005, Senor Sosa, Cubano veggie vendor at Gallo 2005, Ted Webb (Henry Ruiz) and Gwendolyn Rodriguez, directed documentary "Voces de West Tampa" at Tampa Digital Studios, Willie Garcia with the box he made in honor of Nilo Cruz Pulitzer prize play, "Anna in the Tropics", Willie Garcia at the Centro Asturiano, "Roots" Forum, West Side Stories: Voces de West Tampa, April 2005 02-07-14
Howard Ave. Hardware at Howard Ave. and Green St., with owner Felino Cabrera and employee Joe Puleo, 1950 02-06-14
Photo album:  1915 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of Howard Avenue from Green Street to Michigan Ave. (Columbus Drive) 02-05-14
Photo album:  West Tampa Businesses, 2005-2006 - Interior of West Tampa State Bank with teller windows and flower bouquets, Howard Ave & Main St. 1946,  Owner/employee at Bodega La Internacional Armenia near Spruce, Boni Door Store, Howard & Chestnut (Macfarlane Building) Boza Funeral Home, Albany & Laurel circa 1940 Central Bank of Tampa, Howard Ave & Cypress, circa 1960s Borinquen Meat Market, 3324 W. Columbus Drive,  Botanica Virgen de Regla, 3310 W. Columbus Drive the Churro man truck in the parking lot of La Teresita, Columbus Drive and Lincoln Ave.,  Delgado's Dept. Store at Howard Ave. & Main St, 1935 Eagle Drug Store interior, Howard Ave, 1940 Fashion Cleaners, Howard Ave, 1947 La Habanera, Medicine, Film & Toys, Howard Ave near Spruce, circa 1940s,  Latin American Bakery, 2310 Main St. west of Howard Ave, no date Felicione Oil Company, Main St. east of Howard Ave.,   Jennie's Flowers at Columbus Drive & Habana Shakilla's Salon & Barber, 1718 E. Main St,    Papito Feed Store sign, Armenia Ave.,  Patrone's Bakery, 1208 N. Howard Ave, 1931 Rogers Rincon (bodega de banderas) Armenia Salcines Dept. Store window during WW2, Howard Ave. & Main St.,  Snack City owner posed in front of his store on Columbus Drive Victory Cigar Co. at 2144 Main St., 1946, El Frente Amarillo Grocery with Pietro & Nunzia Giglio and son Joe 02-05-14
Centro Espanol building at 2306 N. Howard Ave. & Cherry St, 1914 02-04-14
Centro Espanol building at 2306 N. Howard Ave. & Cherry St, present day. 02-04-14
J.W. FItzgerald building at 3024 N. Habana Ave. 02-04-14
Cespedes Hall / Opera House, 1895, Main St. and Francis Ave. (Albany), circa 1895 02-04-14
West Tampa Community Development Corp. at 1803 Howard Ave. at Union St., previously George Guida's carpet & tile business 02-04-14
Former location of Bonded Havana Cigar Co. and the Villazon/Garcia & Vega at 3104 N. Armenia Ave & W. Kathleen St. 02-04-14
Centro Espanol building, 2306 N. Howard Ave. at Cherry St, 1914 02-04-14
Former location of Alonso Drug store, looking south from Kathleen St. along Armenia Ave. 02-04-14
Close up view of entry at the former Gold Nugget saloon / Baker & Co. general store entry showing ornate iron scroll work 02-04-14
Close up view of the door to the West Tampa State Bank at Howard Ave. and Main St. 02-04-14
Formerly the Golden Nugget saloon before it was restored and occupied by Baker & Co., Howard Ave. & Beach St., circa 2004 02-04-14
Lorna's One-Stop Jamaican Jerk Restaurant, formerly LaRussa Hardware at 2108 N. Howard Ave. 02-04-14
CaldeCo Air Conditioning at 1709 N. Howard Ave. 02-04-14
Sevilla Hotel, corner Francis Ave. (Albany) and Cherry St., circa 1910 02-04-14
West Tampa State Bank, Howard Ave. & Main St., 1926 02-04-14
El Sombrero Blanco at Main St. & Ysolina 02-04-14
Arenas building at 2001 N. Armenia Ave. 02-04-14
Close up of the tile work at the West Tampa Post Office, corner of Howard and Union St., present-day 02-04-14
Simovitz building on Main St. 02-04-14
La Nuova Vita, Inc. building on Howard Ave. south of Walnut St. 02-04-14
The Macfarlane building at 1902 N. Howard Ave, 1992, now the location of the Boni Door Store 02-04-14
Luis Door Store at Main St. and Howard Ave. 02-04-14
Mesquida building, 2123 Main Street 02-04-14
Peter Pasetti (owned 4th of July Cafe) playing marbles with Junis (Tamargo) Nunez, holding Joe Piniella. and Lou Piniella, Cordelia St and Capaz Park, circa 1950.  See original post of this photo, make new comments there. 02-04-14
Photo album: The Houses of West Tampa  - 16 present day photos of typical old West Tampa houses 02-03-14
West Tampa / Ybor City Streetcar, 1913 02-03-14
A. L. Cuesta School at 2301 North Tampania Avenue, 1936 02-02-14
West Tampa Boys Club at 3012 Laurel St, 1923 02-02-14
Baseball game at Macfarlane Park, 1922     Larger version of same photo as here 02-02-14
West Tampa Fire Department firefighters, horse and wagon, in front of West Tampa City Hall, circa 1900 02-02-14
Interior view of Baker & Co. General Store at Howard Ave. and Beach St., circa 2006 02-02-14
1st Communion group from May 13, 1961, St. Joseph Parrish     Uncropped version of this picture 02-01-14
Photo album:  West Tampa Beginnings - West Tampa City Hall at Main St. & Francis Ave, looking west along Main, circa 1901, Description part 1 of West Tampa from "Tampa, Its Industries and Advantages", 1905,   Part 2 of previous image 1899 map of Main St. showing City Hall "being built" close up of map showing City Hall, The West Tampa city government in 1899, Armina (Armenia) Ave. street listing 1899, Howard Ave. street listing 1899,  1899 map of West Tampa showing first 11 numbered streets west of the river 01-27-14
View of Cespedes Hall under construction and O'Halloran cigar factory, elevated street scene looking northwest from Green St., circa 1894 01-27-14
WFLA Channel 8's Barney Bungelupper (Jerry Martin) and Hector Hambone (Jack Jarvis). 01-26-14
WSUN TV's Capt. Mac (Burl McCarty) pitching Foremost Milk to his young viewers, circa 1954 01-26-14
A page from school memories booklet for Robert E. Lee Elementary School, showing picture of the building, circa 1961-62 01-25-14
Mrs. Ellison's 4th grade class, Tampa Bay Boulevard Elementary School, 1956-1957 01-25-14
"The Lovelighters" local musical group, 1962 Manuel Bertimatti, Manuel Fernandez, Dennis Delgado, Roy Garcia, Dennis Diaz, Alfred Hernandez and Brian Billingham 01-24-14
West Tampa Gazette, West Tampa Jr. High school newspaper, front page, Nov.. 1961 Page 2   Page 3 01-23-14
West Tampa Gazette, West Tampa Jr. High school newspaper, front page, Dec. 1961 Page 2   Page 3  Page 4 01-23-14
A view of the audience in the floor seats and balcony of the Royal Theater Theatre at the Centro Espanol on Howard Ave., no date 01-23-14
Gasparilla Children's parade float with Louis Perez and Wanda Paula, king and queen of Tampa Bay Elementary School, 1954 01-23-14
The Rosa Valdez Settlement kindergarten graduating class of 1953 01-23-14
Front cover of football game program, University of Tampa vs. Mexico Polytech, West Tampa/Ybor City Night, Phillips Field, Dec. 26, 1963 01-17-14
Helene Malozzi Gasparilla girl dressed in pirate costume at the helm of the Jose Gaspar ship, circa 1962 01-13-14
Portion of 1956 U.S. Geological Survey map showing elevation of Macfarlane Park and the hill 01-12-14
Eddie Lazo in front of his parents' store and Lazo's Market sign with Sealtest Ice Cream ad,  on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Spruce Street,  circa 1952 01-07-14
Eddie Lazo sitting by front stairs of a house on St. Johns Street, circa 1944 01-07-14
Lazo's market sign with Coca Cola ad at Spruce St. and Lincoln Ave, across from Macfarlane Park, no date 01-07-14
The U.S. Navy cargo ship Baldomero Lopez, named for Tampa Native 1st Lt Baldomero Lopez, Medal of Honor Recipient  killed in action during the Korean War in 1950 01-05-14
Photo montage of West Tampa sights; Fourth of July (4th of July) Cafe when it was on Howard Avenue, circa mid 1950s, 2013 planned design for the water tank on Cherry Street and Himes, the Royal Theater in 1941 at the Centro Espanol on Howard Ave., present-day decorative stone relief at the entrance of Macfarlane Park School on MacDill Ave., West Tampa State Bank at Howard Ave. and Main St. 1946, West Tampa Boys Club baseball team circa 1939, the Cazin Theater in the former Sicilian Club building on Howard Ave. and Spruce St. circa 1932, a view of Armenia Ave. looking south from Cordelia circa 1962.  
First ambulance and driver Centro Espanol, Ramiro Hernando, and the garage he built, circa 1904  
O.L.P.H. basketball team, 1973-1974  
Tampa's first drive in theater, Hillsboro Drive In at 3308 W. Hillsborough Ave., Aug. 21, 1943  
Royal Theater at the Centro Espanol on Howard Ave., 1941  
A bowl of Guiso de Maíz (Cuban corn stew)  
Borden's milk delivery man and his truck, circa 1940s  
Milk bottle from Florida Dairy, Tampa, no date  
Delivery men and trucks at the Sunny Florida Dairy at 2209 40th Street, owned by the Guagliardo family, 1948  
Celestino Vega cigar factory at northwest corner of Armenia and Cordelia St., and La Loma sundries store, circa 1920s  
The Faedo family at Eusebio Faedo's dairy west of Armenia between Tampa Bay Blvd. and Buffalo Ave., no date  
Customers at a table at Faedo's Pastry & Sandwich Shop, 3501 N. Armenia, no date  
Customers at tables at Faedo's Pastry & Sandwich Shop, 3501, N. Armenia, no date  
Customers at tables at Faedo's Pastry & Sandwich Shop, 3501 N. Armenia no date  
ABC News correspondent and host of Primetime John Quiñones at Faedo's Pastry & Sandwich Shop, no date  
Ad for Joe Faedo's Pastry & Sandwich Shop at 3501 N. Armenia, no date  
Newspaper or magazine article about Joe Faedo's Armenia Avenue Bakery, photo from when it first opened in 1950  
The Faedo family at Indian Rocks Beach, no date  
Faedo cousins on a horse named Shorty at the Faedo Dairy, no date  
Faedo sisters in the kitchen at home before moving to Armenia Ave. where the bakery was built, no date  
The Faedo family in the kitchen in the home at the original Faedo dairy, no date  
Joe Faedo and wife, Delia Garcia Faedo, of Faedo's Pastry & Sandwich Shop, no date  
Exterior view of Faedo's Pastry and Sandwich Shop at 3501 N. Armenia, no date  
Jose Otero's Furniture & Paint store at 1711-13 N. Howard, Nov. 1932  
The Fourth of the July Cafe / 4th of July Cafe on Howard Ave. when it was owned by Peter Pasetti, circa mid 1950s  
The Dallas, TX  Sportatorium wrestling venue with comments about Tampa's Sportatorium at 106 N. Albany near Kennedy Blvd.  
Rephotograph of West Tampa Little League players behind chain link fence, no date  
Exterior view of Catalina Tamales, early view when the operated from a portable facility, no date  
West Tampa Little League All Stars circa 1970s  
Ad by Eddie's Studio & Color Lab at 3214 W. Tampa Bay Blvd, no date  
Cuesta Rey cigar factory workers, 1929  
Tampa Hispanic radio personality Woody Garcia, at WALT Radio microphone, no date  
Horace and Anna Lazo standing in front of the house next to Lazo's Market on Spruce street which later became  Blanco's Restaurant, no date.  
Horace and Anna Lazo standing in front of the house next to Lazo's Market on Spruce street and Lincoln Ave., which later became  Blanco's Restaurant, circa 1955.  
Lazo children's birthday party next to Lazo's Market at Spruce St. and Lincoln Ave., 1949  
Eddie Lazo standing in front of Lazo's Market, circa 1952  
Anna Lazo inside Lazo's Market grocery store, mid 1950s  
Horace and Anna Lazo in front of their market on Lincoln Ave. and Spruce St, with Macfarlane Park in background, no date  
Third grade class posing in front of Macfarlane Park Elementary School circa 1947  
Wedding photo of Rene Perez and Margaret Ramirez in West Tampa, no date  
Portrait of Amalia "Cuca" Ybor, daughter of Vicente Martinez-Ybor, 1956  
West Tampa Boys Club baseball team, circa 1939  
West Tampa Boys Club football team, 1944  
West Tampa Police Department group photo, 1919  
Victory Cigar Company at 2114 Main Street, next to the West Tampa State Bank, 1946  
Children in front of the West Tampa Methodist Church school on 1408 Francis Avenue and Oak St., 1924  
Miss Latin America and her court on the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce Gasparilla float, circa 1940s  
Newly built West Tampa Post Office at 1719 N. Howard Avenue at Union Street, 1958  
West Tampa Chamber of Commerce theater presentation at Municipal Auditorium (McKay Auditorium) at the University of Tampa, possibly 1940s  
Scene of an automobile accident on Main St. in West Tampa, looking east,, Nov. 27, 1918  
The Pasetti family on their front porch at their house on Green Street, no date  
A group of musicians on a stage in a band shell at the Cuban Club, no date  
Frank Gegunde, Peter Pasetti and Willie Garcia cooking a pig over an open pit barbeque on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) in their back yard, circa 1970s  
A young Barbara Maturana standing in front of a cigar factory sign, no date  
Peter Pasetti, former owner of the 4th of July Cafe Fourth of July Cafe, making coffee in his kitchen at age 87, no date  
Portrait of Luis Esposito, 1919  
Portrait of unknown woman in long dress, mounted in unusual oval frame, no date  
Portrait of unknown man and his wife, with their two daughters, no date  
Portrait of same family in above photo, taken by Enrique Weimer, photographer, no date  
A view of Al Lopez Field baseball park possibly taken from top of the end zone seats at Tampa Stadium, Spring 1979  
Al Lopez Field main entrance as seen from outside of the park, possibly mid 1980s  
Tampa city directory listings for Macfarlane School, Macfarlane Park School and West Tampa Jr. High from 1927 to 1933  
Velia Martinez photo montage, actress who portrayed Abuela on the PBS series "Que Pasa USA?"  
Artist's rendition of future design plan for the water tank at Himes Ave. and Cherry Street, 2013  
Various photos showing how to make a steak filet sandwich like the La Ideal sandwich shop served at Habana and Tampa Bay Blvd  
Portrait of David Garcia on Jimmy the pony, 1954  
Colon A. Perez pony portrait taken at Albany near Chestnut Street, circa 1935  
Portrait of Rachel Yolanda Perez on Jimmy the pony, March 3, 1958  
A serving of breaded Palomilla steak and potatoes with onions, made from Abuela Teresa's recipe (given in the comments)  
Special section of La Gaceta featuring West Tampa history and culture, painting titled "E.J. Salcines, Lector Past and Present" April 26, 2013  
Terrazzo floor mosaic on floor of Macfarlane Park pavilion crediting West Tampa Chamber of Commerce, American Legion Post 248, Lions Club and Optimist Club, April 18, 2013   
Macfarlane Park pavilion on the hill after renovations, April 18, 2013  
Macfarlane Park pavilion on the hill after renovations, April 18, 2013  
Article by Arsenio Sanchez "Revisiting the Historical Markers of West Tampa" commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the birth of West Tampa, marker placed at the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce building formerly at MacDill Ave. and Columbus Drive, 1995  
Newly renovated Macfarlane Park pavilion seen from bottom of hill, April 16, 2013  
Manuel Torres making Cuban Sandwiches the old fashioned way, 1957, screen shot from  
Wedding photo of Pilar and Federico Fernandez, circa 1918  
The original pavilion at Macfarlane park with crowd at baseball game in foreground, high resolution photo, 1922  
Macfarlane Park pavilion with newly completed roof, unfinished ceiling, March 22, 2013  
Celestino Vega Cigar Factory circa1920's, northwest corner of Armenia and Cordelia, La Loma sundries store on the left  
Juan Garcia and Dulce Maria Valdez Garcia, parents of Cynthia Garcia Tamargo, in front of their La Loma Grocery Store and Casa Loma Restaurant, Armenia Ave. at Cordelia, 1956  
Exterior view of D. Valdes Grocery & Feed with workers from the Celestino Vega cigar factory on the street,  on the southwest corner of Armenia Ave. and Cordelia, circa 1910  
Artist's drawing of planned renovation for Macfarlane Park pavilion, Feb. 2013  
Macfarlane Park pavilion on hill with old roof removed, Feb 28, 2013  
Interior of a city bus and view of city buses at bus terminal, the first "Wawas" in Tampa, circa 1945  
Recipe for Bollitos de Frijoles de Clariita from Clarita Valdes Garcia's cookbook  
Photo montage of Dr. Jorge Trelles and the Trelles Clinic, 1920s to 1950s  
Newspaper article with info about Centro Espanol doctors office locations and hours, and newspaper photo of Dr. Jorge Trelles, 1933 La Gaceta  
Newspaper ad by Tampa Ice Manufacturers touting the advantage of ice boxes over electrical refrigerators, July 1933, La Gaceta  
Sam C. Marotta, Principal of Tampa Bay Elementary School in the 1960s, and info from his obituary, 2009  
Cuban crackers with butter, part of a complete West Tampa breakfast  
Col. Harland Sanders with Tampa photographer Tony Zappone, 1966  
Looking east along Tampa Bay Blvd., towards Habana Ave., 1956  
Design concept of a logo for Macfarlane park, incorporating a tree, the entrance archway and the pavilion  
Photo montage of Benjamin Field and the National Guard facility in the 1920s and George Nelson Benjamin  
Men on a Tampa street, seemingly frustrated, possibly due to streetcar breakdown, "Fulano and Cyclano waiting for Mengano to show up, somewhere in Tampa, 1941"  
Baker's General Store, corner of Howard Avenue & Beach Street, 2012, former location El Borden boarding house and Atlantic Restaurant, and later Golden Nugget Saloon.  
Food & drink ticket to Unico Club's annual Jaibada, crab enchilado benefit at Tampa Letter Carriers Hall on 3003 Cypress St, 2012  
1977 newspaper photo of the 1937 Champs Hillsborough High School baseball team, 40th anniversary gathering, June 4, 1977  
Man on the street selling bananas from a cart, Oct. 23, 1963  
People on merry-go-round carousel at Super Test Supertest amusement park, 2924 N. Dale Mabry, Aug. 17, 1951  
Logo concept for West Tampa incorporating silhouette of the Macfarlane Park pavilion  
Street view image of Habana and Main Street where Benny's Grocery was located  
Street view of Walgreens at Hillsborough Ave. and Rome Ave. where Henry Longval's La Tasca Restaurant was located  
Street view of gas station at Hillsborough Ave. and Rome Ave. where the Deep South In was located  
An old fire hydrant, the only reminder left of Tampa's Roberts City  
Excerpt from Feb. 4, 2011 article in Cigar City Magazine "The Lost City" on Roberts City  
Street view of N. Garcia Ave. and W. Oak Ave., formerly Roberts City, former site of La Popular Bakery  
Newspaper photo from La Gaceta showing 1948 graduating class of Macfarlane Jr. High School at Habana and Walnut St.  
West Tampa Jr. High School, corner of Habana and Walnut St., 1932  
List of members of the American Government class at West Tampa Jr. High School who toured the office of the Clerk of the Court at the Hillsborough County Courthouse, Nov. 15, 1963  
Mrs. Bello and her 4th or 5th grade class at Macfarlane Park Elementary School, 1958-1959  
Mrs. Medero's first grade class at Macfarlane Park Elementary School, 1955-1956  
President John F. Kennedy JFK in his car at MacDill Air Force Base, Nov. 18, 1963  
President John F. Kennedy JFK in his car traveling down Grand Central Ave. at Lincoln Ave., Nov. 18, 1963  
President John F. Kennedy JFK in his car at North B Street and Armenia, leaving Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory, Nov. 18, 1963  
Heavyweight boxing champion Gene Tunney with Tampa mayor Perry G. Wall in front of City Hall, 1925  
Front cover of book "Skyway" about the Skyway Bridge disaster of May 9, 1980  
Front cover of book "Yesterday's Tampa" by Hampton Dunn, published 1977, showing Franklin Street, Tampa Theater and Franklin Theater circa late 1930s  
Historical marker at 2001 N. Albany, West Tampa, in front of the building that formerly was the Academy of Holy Names in West Tampa, later St. Joseph's School  
Menendez Hardware and Alonso Pharmacy on Armenia between Columbus Drive and Kathleen St., 1980  
Street view looking west at Cordelia Street from Armenia, showing former location of La Loma Sundries and Celestino Vega cigar factory  
Tony La Russa Jefferson High School senior photo Class of 1962 and more recent photo as St. Louis Cardinals manager  
A. L. Cuesta elementary school class photo, no date  
Students in Mrs. Artel's 6th grade class at Tampa Bay Blvd. Elementary School, circa 1960  
Ferlita Macaroni Company in West Tampa and Ybor City, 1912 - 1942  
Employees and delivery truck in front of the Ferlita Macaroni Company building at 933 Union Street, circa 1936  
Cazin Theater at the old Sicilian Club at 2001 N. Howard Avenue, with "Why pay more when you can see for less" on marquee, circa 1932  
Dave Del Rio cooking at the stove at Del Rio's Cafe & Catering, 2011  
The first St. Joseph's Church in West Tampa at Albany and Walnut Street, circa 1903  
Historic marker in front of the old Hillsborough High School on Highland Avenue, now the D.W. Waters Career Center  
Samuel L. Davis cigar factory at 900 N. Howard Avenue, no date  
Pendas & Alvarez cigar factory at 2301 N. Albany, circa 2006  
Morgan Cigar building at 2802 N. Howard Ave at St. Louis Street, circa 1910  
Two views of Berriman-Morgan cigar factory at 1403 N. Howard Avenue, no date  
Former site of Balbin Brothers cigar factory at 1202 N. Howard Avenue, modern day photo  
Andres Diaz cigar factory at 3102 N. Habana Ave., 1909  
Former location of Bustillo Brothers and Diaz Cigar Company factory, modern day photo  
Former location of Santaella cigar factory, 1906 N. Armenia, present day photo  
Villazon / Garcia & Vega cigar factory, 3104 N. Armenia, circa early 1950s  
Former location of San Martin & Leon cigar factory at 2202 N. Howard & Pine Street, modern day photo  
Street view of former site of La Russa's Hardware Store, Howard Ave. between Walnut St. and Pine St.  
Menu from Del Rio's Cafe & Catering  
Announcement of Del Rio's Cafe & Catering grand opening, Oct. 11, 2011  
Screen capture of the history of St. Joseph's Church in Tampa  
Street view of former location of Royal Cleaners, Armenia Ave. and Aileen Street  
Street view of former location of Longo's Garage of the 1950s, Armenia and Braddock Street  
Street view looking north on Armenia toward former location of Cohalla's Restaurant at Kathleen Street  
Two views of Armenia Ave. and Cordelia Street, present day and 1950s  
Historical marker seal of the City of West Tampa when it was a separate city from Tampa  
The Piniella family, Louis, Margaret, Lou Jr. and Joe, in front of their home on Cordelia Street, 1955  
Ben T. Davis Causeway toll booth, circa 1930s  
Street view showing El Colonial Sandwich Shop before Del Rio's Cafe opened there  
Front page photo of 2005 La Gaceta showing Cacciatore family in front of Cacciatore & Son Grocery Store, 1964  
A house at 1907 St. Louis Street where Ron Giovannelli lived  
Looking east along Main Street toward Howard Avenue and West Tampa State Bank in 1911  
Street view of Armenia and Chestnut Street where Cusmano Grocery was located  
Bolita numbers sheet "El Hombre de la Buena Suerte" (the man of good luck) showing Spanish words paired with numbers  
Carmen Rodriguez portrait, circa 1950s  
Portrait of Joe Rodriguez, circa 1950s  
Joe Rodriguez and his daughter, Barbara  
Rosa Valdez Kindergarten graduation, circa 1959  
Mrs. Duncan's 2nd grade class at A. L. Cuesta, 1960-61  
Artist's rendition of the first Woolco to open in Tampa, 1970  
Empanadas made with picadillo, with pico de gallo and Goya picante sauce  
Newspaper photo of Florence Ferlita and making her prize-winning scacciata  
Recipe for Scacciata, Italian meat bread  
The history behind the "Los Cien" neighborhood of West Tampa  
Street map showing the original area of the "Los Cien" neighborhood in West Tampa  
Moses White's "Cosey Corner" on the corner of Ysolina and Main Street  
Cars in the parking lot of Montgomery Ward store at 1701 N. Dale Mabry, circa 1960  
Photo of children, possibly at a party, no date  
Photo of Melody Nales cropped from previous photo, no date  
Children on stage during a performance at Armenia Baptist Church, no date  
Mr. Montes de Oca 6th grade at Cuesta Elementary - 1960-1961 school year with principal Sam C. Marrotta  
Mrs. Caruso's 3rd grade class, A. L. Cuesta Elementary School, circa 1957  
A. L. Cuesta Elementary School class picture, Mis Ortebello, later Mrs. Fernandez, no grade, no year  
A. L. Cuesta Elementary School students all dressed up for unknown occasion, May 6, 1955  
A glass of Guarapo, a drink made from palm sap  
The girls of the First Communion class at St Joseph's Catholic Church, circa 1968  
West Tampa Public Library card from 1959  
Emilio Garcia, Sr. with Manuel Canal's sprint car, circa early 1940s  
Eggplant Parmigiana  
"AguaCero" and "Agua de Manguera" bottled water spoof based on West Tampa slang and childhood memory of drinking water from a hose  
Mexican cake made with NesCafe from Don Pan  
New photo album, "Documents, articles, newspaper clippings" - Receipt for medical services at the Centro Espanol, Mar. 1966, Centro Espanol and Benefica Espanola ad listing doctors, locations, phone numbers and services  
New photo album, "Buildings" - Family standing outside La Loma Grocery with sign for Whistle soft drink, circa 1950s, Armenia Ave. as seen from the balcony of La Loma, circa 1950s, View of Armenia looking south, circa 1950s, La Loma Market on the corner of Armenia and Cordelia, circa 1940s, Shoppers inside La Loma circa 1950s,  
Bread pudding  
Street view of N. Habana and W. Chestnut showing El Rancho Grocery, former location of Joe's Store.  
Casco de guayaba, Guava shells, sometimes referred to as possum lips  
Guava and cream cheese turnover  
The legendary Seabreeze devil crab recipe  
A tray of Boliche  
Rice and calamare (squid) with Spanish summer salad  
Street view of Main Street and Albany Ave., former location of Emilio Garcia's "Station Bar" from 1960 to 1973  
Street view of Armenia Ave. and Beach St., former locations of Italian Imported and the Blind Pig bar 1960s  
Street view of Columbus Drive just west of Armenia, former location of Latam restaurant, 1980s  
Street view of Columbus Drive and Habana Ave., former location of El Gallo de Oro, 1960s  
Milanesa Steak  
Aerial view of Phillips Field, circa 1940  
Mike Baluja slideshow video "Just another day...West Tampa"  
Plat map of the heart of West Tampa's subdivision, 1892, showing originally planned street names  
A tray of Scachatta; Sicilian party pizza  
Glenda Piniella and her baby sister Brenda pose in front of fallen oak tree on Cherry Street just after Hurricane Donna  
A plate of Arroz con Pollo (Yellow Rice & Chicken)  
Angel Viljez, Junior, (Vilchez, former guidance counselor at Jefferson High School)  and his family at their home, 3513 North 10th Street, 1957  
A plate of meat and potatoes (Carne con papas) with yellow rice  
A plate of palomilla steak Milanesa style    See also this duplicate photo for more comments  
In memory of Diana De La Paz, abducted from Eckerd's drugstore parking lot in West Tampa, April 29, 1971  
West Tampa streetcar #127 westbound on Main St. circa 1909  
Sam Leto "Red Eye" of the Commancheros, on his horse "Thunder" on parade in front of Maas Brothers on Franklin St.,  
Phillip Maurici posing in front of a decorative display depicting a horse pulling a cart of fruit at the Sons of Italy Lodge, no year  
Portrait of Phillip and Lily Maurici Owners of Italian Imported Grocer, Armenia and Beach St., no date  
Portrait of Norma Lobato (former teacher at Jefferson HIgh School and Pierce Jr. High School) and her two daughters, no date  
Portrait of Norma Lobato, former teacher, while she taught at Jefferson HIgh School, 1966  
A group of Jefferson High School ladies, no date  
The pavilion on the hill at Macfarlane park, before renovations, no date  
Close up of the center of the terrazzo floor "West Tampa 1957" of the pavilion on the hill at Macfarlane Park, no date  
Peter Pasetti, former owner of the 4th of July Cafe, Fourth of July Cafe, with Junis Tamargo, Joe and Lou Piniella on Cordelia St. across from Capaz Park, circa 1950  
The the home of Victor and Beulah Lehman, the famous decorated Christmas house on 3109 Braddock Street, no date  
Nativity scene at the Lehman's Braddock Street house at Christmastime, no date  
Collection of 3 photos of the Braddock Street Christmas house, Victor and Beulah Lehman sitting on their porch, front view of house and close up of dolls in the carport, no date  
Ruben Fabelo and Woody Garcia, the two most popular radio celebrities in Tampa in the early 50's  
Carver Theater, 1605 North Boulevard, July 7, 1959  
Former Cincinnati Reds pitching great Johnny Vander Meer and Tampa Little Leaguer Jimmy Fender who pitched two consecutive no-hit games, May 17, 1961  
1969 aerial photo of Dale Mabry and Columbus Drive area showing locations of Biff Burger, Hawaiian Village, the 20th Century drive in and the location of its two marquees  
Poster promoting Library History Road Show at the West Tampa Branch Library, with guest speaker E. J. Salcines, June 4, 2011  
The Churro Man truck parked next to La Teresita at Columbus Drive and Lincoln Ave., Sept. 29, 2010  
Application for passport to travel to Cuba with photo, and affidavit in support, of Blas C. O'Halloran, former mayor of West Tampa, 1919  
1895 Sanborn fire insurance map of West Tampa showing locations of Cespedes Hall and the O'Halloran cigar factory at Howard and Main St.  
New York Times article about the O'Halloran Cigar factory fire of Oct. 4, 1901  
Montage of photos relating to the "Cigar that started a revolution," the O'Hallorans, Fernando Figueredo, Jose Marti and pistol given to him by Maximo Gomez, circa 1898  
1940s street map of West Tampa showing original layout of Macfarlane Park on Lisbon Ave. (MacDill)  
Cazin Sicilia Theater at Howard Avenue and Spruce Street, 1934  
Looking north on Howard Ave. towards Main Street, Delgado's Dept. Store, 4th of July, Fourth of July Cafe, Dec 26, 1935  
Elaine Bravo Ahedo, dressed for the Jefferson High School Prom, 1949  
Plat map of John H. Drew's First Extension subdivision, bordered by Tampa Bay Blvd, Michigan Ave, West Side Ave. and Roosevelt Ave., 1909  
City of West Tampa seal  
Photo montage of La Teresita businesses at Columbus Drive and Lincoln Ave., April 2010  
All Star batting cages sign on Columbus Drive near Glen, no date  
Remains of Celestino Vega cigar factory after a fire, Armenia and Cordelia, circa 1945  
Remains of Celestino Vega cigar factory after a fire, Armenia and Cordelia, circa 1945  
St. Joseph church 1961 First Communion  
A plate of ropa vieja ("old clothes") on yellow rice, and avocado  
Three views of the boarded-up George Guida house at Macfarlane Park, Feb. 2010  
Lincoln Spanish Restaurant at Columbus Drive and Lincoln Ave, Feb. 2010  
A plate of roast pork in mojo marinade, black beans & rice, platanos plantains and pan Cubano Cuban bread  
Street view of the former Lehman Christmas house, undecorated, on Braddock Street, Dec. 2009  
Armando Abreu in paratrooper uniform, 101st Airborne, 502 Reg, 1942  
Newspaper article "Abreu Declares Gymnasium Helped In Fighting War", Nov. 29, 1945  
Royal Theater at the Centro Espanol at Howard Ave. and Cherry St., 1941  
Golfers putting at Macfarlane Park golf course, 1924  
Spectators at a baseball game at Macfarlane Park, with original pavilion in background, 1922  
Close up of signage at Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, Oct. 31, 2009  
View of front of Fort Homer Hesterly Armory with concrete barricades on Howard Avenue, Oct. 31, 2009  
Rough Riders Encampment 1898 historical marker in front of Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, Oct. 31, 2009  
Oblique view of Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, Oct. 31, 2009  
View of American flag flying in front of Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, Oct. 31, 2009  
Photo montage of exterior and interior of La Teresita Grocery on Columbus Drive and Lincoln Ave., Oct. 2009  
The Columbus Drive Bridge across the Hillsborough River, Oct. 2009  
The archway at Macfarlane Park, MacDill Ave. and George Guida Memorial Drive, Oct. 2009  
West Tampa Little League baseball park photo montage, on Spruce Street across from Macfarlane Park, Oct. 2009  
Elaine Bravo Ahedo on the Latin Fiesta float during the Gasparilla Parade, Feb. 14, 1955  
Eighth grade graduating class. St. Joseph's School, 1945  
St. Joseph's School girls' class, 1961  
A view of the pavilion and hill at Macfarlane Park from George Guida Memorial Drive, no date  
Pizza Parlor street sign, no date  
Snack City street sign on Columbus Drive, advertising burgers for 15 cents, circa early to mid 1960s  
Ayers Diner street sign on Lafayette Street, circa 1960s  
The boarded-up Golden Nugget Saloon on Beach St. and Howard Ave., 2004  
West Tampa State Bank at Howard Ave. and Main Street, 1946  
West Tampa Community Development building, formerly George Guida's carpet and tile store, Howard Ave. and Union St, 2004  
Trinity CME church at Howard Ave. and Palmetto, once the home of the Cuban Lodge and Knights of the Golden Eagles, 2004  
Olympia Bakery at 2201 N. Howard Ave. and Pine St., 2004  
Original location of Alessi Bakery at Howard Ave. and Union St., 2004  
Tampa Bay Blvd at Gomez, looking Northwest, 1922  
Tampa Bay Blvd. at Himes, 1922  
The Centro Espanol at 1906 N. Howard Ave., circa 1914  
West Tampa Chamber of Commerce Gasparilla float at Plant Field, 1937  
Gomez Ave. at Dewey St., 1922  
West Tampa Boys Club at 3012 Laurel St, 1947  
Exterior view of south wing of West Tampa Jr. High School, Cherry St. and Habana Ave., 1959  
West Tampa Jr. High School front cover showing Greyhound mascot and building in background, 1957  
West Tampa Library, 1718 Howard Ave. 1915  
Houses and a flower shop on Main St., 1940s  
Elevated view of West Tampa and Cespedes Hall, circa 1896  
Interior view of West Tampa Pharmacy on Main St., 1919  
A collection of 6 photos showing cigar companies of West Tampa, circa late 1890s  
Two firemen on a West Tampa Fire Dept. hose truck, 1920s  
Aerial view of Drew Airfield, 1952  
Garcia & Vega cigar factory on Armenia, 1942  
Buildings and water tower at Drew Airfield 1953  
Tampa International Airport terminal on Columbus Drive and cars in parking area, 1952  
A trolley on Hyde Park Ave., elevated view, 1913  
Gradiaz-Annis cigar factory on 18th Street, no date  
Al Lopez field as seen from Tampa Stadium, Spring 1979  
Aerial view of Bayshore Blvd, Bay to Bay Blvd, and Barcelona Ave., 1917  
Aerial photo of  Ben T. Davis Causeway circa 1937  
Aerial view of Tampa's first airport, an open field at Tampa Bay Blvd and Himes, 1926  
Juan Garcia and Ramon Ruiz standing in the doorway of La Loma Sundries with S&H Green Stamps signs, at Armenia and Cordelia  

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