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This is the Cass Street Bridge, looking up river to the north from the Kennedy Blvd. Bridge.  500 feet in length and built in 1926 at a cost of $400,000, it was built to serve the southern end of West Tampa and is the second bridge to operate at that site. The adjacent railroad bridge, constructed in 1915, replaced a turning span railroad bridge constructed in the 1880s by James McKay for H. B. Plant, providing access to Port Tampa. Cass Street and the bridge were named after General Lewis Cass, who served as Secretary of War under President Andrew Jackson from 1831-36.

    The railroad portion of the drawbridge is kept in the raised position

A view of the Cass St. Bridge from the north side, as seen from the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

Looking up river from the west end of the bridge.  The building on the right is the Tampa Arts Museum.  On the left bank is Plant Park, which borders the University of Tampa.



It is not uncommon to see rowing teams such as these on the river.


This church building is located near the bridge at the west end, across from the University of Tampa.


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