1920 - Looking westward from rooftop of City Hall, Franklin St. between Jackson and Lafayette. Scroll down to see captions, right to see whole photo

Franklin St. (L) & Jackson St (R) with Hillsborough River and Hyde Park in background. Undeveloped Grassy Island at upper left became Davis Island in 1926.

Bayview Hotel with Franklin St. businesses in foreground

Lafayette St. (now Kennedy Blvd.) Tampa St. (at horse), Ashley Drive and Lafayette St. bridge across Hillsborough River and H.B. Plant's Tampa Bay Hotel in background

  Cars on Franklin Street, First National Bank Bldg, Madison Street Rooftop of Hillsborough County Courthouse, Hillsboro Hotel in background Federal Courthouse (background) Florida Ave., Sacred Heart Church, Madison St.,Elks Club building, St. Andrews Episcopal Church     Lafayette Street east of Florida Avenue, Al Burgert on rooftop

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