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Teatro Garcia Lorca (Centro Gallego)

The theater was founded between 1837-38, with the first event taking place on Nov. 23 1838. 

The little yellow vehicles are a kind of taxi, like a motorbike, mainly used by tourists, they call "Cocotaxis", because their shape, like a "coco de agua."

cocotaxis closeup.JPG (54089 bytes)

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See another view of El Gran Teatro



It is also known as El Gran Teatro de la Habana, and in the 1800s was known as Teatro Tacon.  It can seat more than 500 visitors.

Some important artist that played in this place: dancers Fanny Elsler and Anna Pavlova, actress Sarah Bernhart and Eleonora Dusse, singers Adelina Patti, Victoria de los Angeles, Enrico Carusso, Tita Ruffo, musicians as Arthur Rubinstein, Ernesto Lecuona and Serguei Rachmaninov, and many others. 







Two performers stand to receive their applause after their performance.










Here you see the balconies at the rear of the auditorium











Coco taxi driver waits for a fare







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