Like the rusting relics salvaged from the Titanic, this iron scrollwork above the entrance

is a reminder of a bygone era when aesthetics and artisanship went hand in hand with functionality.

The header for the two Centro Asturiano pages was scanned from my birth certificate,

notice how the curve of the text closely follows the curve of this iron archway.



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This chain link fence encircles the entire property.











Photos from 1928 and the 1930's

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Construction of front entrance   Centro Asturiano Hospital, 21st Ave. Front View  Centro Asturiano, front view angle  The Main entrance to Centro Asturiano Hospital.  1928 employees of Centro Asturiano Hospital.  The Rear portion of the Centro Asturiano Hospital.  A Hallway in Centro Asturiano Hospital.


Doctor and nurse in corridor  Radiology at Centro Asturiano Hospital.  Radiology at Centro Asturiano Hospital.  Prepping a man for surgery at Centro Asturiano Hospital.  During an operation at Centro Asturiano Hospital.  During an operation at Centro Asturiano Hospital.  A patient's room at Centro Asturiano Hospital.


Many old pics of various hospitals and health clinics can be seen here at Exploring Florida (The 5th button on the first row and the 1st button on the second row are from their web site at )  These and the others are Courtesy of the Special Collections Department, University of South Florida. Digitization provided by the USF Libraries Digitization Center.


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